Review: The Beast of Devil’s Rock by Michael Cole

There is something lurking in the trees…

A winter storm has buried North Dakota in snow and ice. With accidents being reported across the region, Deputy Ron Weller must patrol along the main road through a normally tranquil forest in Beeman County. The night grows menacing as he discovers vehicles that have been run off the road, their drivers mysteriously missing. Strange tracks lead through a region of thick forest known as Devil’s Rock. There, Weller makes a horrifying discovery.

A monster has awakened. Its hunger is insatiable, and its ferocity has no limits.

Protected by an armored exoskeleton, the beast is relentless in its pursuit of prey. It must feed or face starvation. What has started as a search for a missing driver has now become a fight for survival, as Ron Weller is hunted by THE BEAST OF DEVIL’S ROCK.

The Beast of Devil’s Rock by Michael Cole. Narrated by Matt Godfrey. Published by Tanton Audio, March 2020. Run time is 5 hours and 26 mins.

Oh hell yeah! Giant spider! I am all in on this one! This book was just nuts and I loved every second of it. No explanations, no backstory. It’s straight to the point. It’s a town in a bad snowstor, a couple of cops, and one big, bad, hungry spider. GO!

Great, nasty creature action. Love the descriptions. I felt like I was out there in the snow with the characters. Insanely fast pacing. There is zero dily-dadling around in this book. We jump straight in running and you never stop til the very last page. It is such an entertaining ride! I loved every second of it. I would love to know how the main character is going to explain all the carnage after the book ended, though.

This author is always so much fun to read. You always know what you are going to get. Great creatures, fast pacing. No messing around. His books are like awesome action hero monster movie mayhem. Such a fun book. A blast from start to finish.

The narrator was decent. Everyone sounded vaguely the same. The majority of the cast is male and of similar ages, so it wasn’t too much of a problem. Occasionally it did get a little bit confusing as to who was talking. It was an alright performance.

If you love creature monster stories, check this one out. It is 100% fun.


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