In the Beginning


I thought for my first blog post I would tell you a little bit about what all this is about.  I am terrible at introductions though, and I never know what to say.   I guess I should start out with a little bit about me.

I love books and I love reading.  I am that person who is reading a book while waiting in line, at the coffee shop, or waiting in the doctors office.  I never leave home without a book, kindle or earbuds for an audio book.  I am almost always reading.  I have a tattoo on my arm that says “Sleep less.  Read more.” and I believe it.   For a weekend trip I have packed only 1 outfits but 5 books, because I couldn’t decide what book I wanted to read.  If I am meeting someone for lunch, I will get to the restaurant an hour early just so I can have time to read before the other person arrives.  Yeah.  I’m  THAT person.

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