In the Beginning


I thought for my first blog post I would tell you a little bit about what all this is about.  I am terrible at introductions though, and I never know what to say.   I guess I should start out with a little bit about me.

I love books and I love reading.  I am that person who is reading a book while waiting in line, at the coffee shop, or waiting in the doctors office.  I never leave home without a book, kindle or earbuds for an audio book.  I am almost always reading.  I have a tattoo on my arm that says “Sleep less.  Read more.” and I believe it.   For a weekend trip I have packed only 1 outfits but 5 books, because I couldn’t decide what book I wanted to read.  If I am meeting someone for lunch, I will get to the restaurant an hour early just so I can have time to read before the other person arrives.  Yeah.  I’m  THAT person.

What kinds of books do I like to read?  Well, my main love is horror.  And I read a LOT of horror.  A majority of what I read will be horror or some sort of cousin to horror.  Some of my favorite types are the monstrous creatures.  Sea creatures.  Slime creatures.  Cryptid creatures. Prehistoric creatures. Killer rabbits.  Giant crabs.  Man eating slugs. Zombie raccoons.  Toxic cockroaches.  You name it, and I’ll be there.  I have grown up reading and watching horror and I will never be able to get enough of it.  NEVER.

But that doesn’t mean that is all I read.  I also read a lot of non-fiction books on science and history.  Lost civilizations.  Archeology.  Psychology.  Paleontology.  Anthropology.  Neuroscience.  Cosmology.  Astronomy.  Biology.  As well as reading about all kinds of animals, birds, insects, and the creatures found in the oceans.  I even enjoy reading books regarded as pseudo-sciences and pseudo-history.  It is always fun to throw in a little conspiracy controversy every now and then!

Is that it?  Oh, no, no, no…  There are still a few other things I read.  I enjoy the old pulp novels from the 30’s and 40’s, especially The Shadow.  I also am not ashamed to step in to the cozy mystery territory.  Solve crime and have a cute pet sleuth helping you with clues? Awesome.   And I have no problem enjoying certain action-adventure books, I can’t get enough of the treasure seeking type!  I also have a very small amount of biographies and true crime books, but, it is a very small selection and it has to be a person or theme that is really interesting to me.

Don’t even get me started on comics, graphic novels, and manga…

So why am I here, writing this blog?  Hmm… good question.  I just wanted a place where I could talk about the things I’ve been reading, what cool gems I found at the used book store,  what kind of book challenges I’m doing and a place to put reviews of the books I’ve read.  Something that kept a history of the books in my life.  And if people find this blog, and want to join in the conversation, that is cool too.  I will gladly talk books with other book fans.

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