Review: Helicoprion by Michael Cole

A series of violent shark attacks off the shores of northern California draw the attention of pessimistic Detective Luke Jansen. Despite reports of shark sightings by witnesses, the injuries appear to be more reminiscent of a chainsaw-wielding maniac rather than shark bites.

Things get stranger when marine biologist Elise Sheldon encounters the creature. Exhausted and traumatized, she is quickly dismissed, after she makes the claim that the beast is a Helicoprion. Thought to be extinct, the creature wields a spiraling set of teeth that can dice anything caught in its path. Unable to convince anyone of its existence, Elise turns to Detective Jansen for assistance.

With little help from the police department, Luke and Elise form an unlikely alliance to uncover the truth. Their investigation puts them face-to-face with a violent man-eating shark, and the terrifying reason for its existence.

Helicoprion by Michael Cole. Narrated by Louis B. Jack. Published by Severed Press, February 2022. Total run time of 16 hours and 40 mins.

*Trigger warning: animal death.

I am suuuuuuuch a big fan of books with sharks! Fiction, non-fiction, whatever… GIVE ME THE SHARKS!! 😀 I’m also a huge fan of the author! He always keeps things fun with his creature feature stories. I couldn’t wait to read this one. And a helicoprion??? Hell yeah!

This book has everything you could want. Fun characters, action, gore, uh, oh yeah, prehistoric genetically engineered SHARK!!! 😀 The main characters have great chemistry. I really enjoyed watching them grow as characters. 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised at the lenght of this book. Most of Michael Coles’ books are around 5ifh hours, I think? Helicoprion is 16 hours!! 😮 It was a perfect amount of time because it gives the story and the characters plenty of room to breath and grow! It never felt too long, either. Just right.

For the most part, the narrator is alright. His voice fits the lead male character really well. Sometimes the voices did sound a little too similar though. More than once I got a little confused between who was talking.

Helicoprion is super action fun time! Love the 2 main characters. Buckets and buckets of gore and baddies to cheer and boo! This is, of course, another great outing for Michael Cole. Love this guy’s work. 😀 Don’t let this one swim away.