Review: Dead Space by Kali Wallace

An investigator must solve a brutal murder on a claustrophobic space station in this tense science fiction thriller from the author of Salvation Day.

Hester Marley used to have a plan for her life. But when a catastrophic attack left her injured, indebted, and stranded far from home, she was forced to take a dead-end security job with a powerful mining company in the asteroid belt. Now she spends her days investigating petty crimes to help her employer maximize its profits. She’s surprised to hear from an old friend and fellow victim of the terrorist attack that ruined her life—and that surprise quickly turns to suspicion when he claims to have discovered something shocking about their shared history and the tragedy that neither of them can leave behind.

Before Hester can learn more, her friend is violently murdered at a remote asteroid mine. Hester joins the investigation to find the truth, both about her friend’s death and the information he believed he had uncovered. But catching a killer is only the beginning of Hester’s worries, and she soon realizes that everything she learns about her friend, his fellow miners, and the outpost they call home brings her closer to revealing secrets that very powerful and very dangerous people would rather keep hidden in the depths of space.

Dead Space by Kali Wallace. Narrated by Abby Craden. Published by Penguin Audio, March 2021. Total runtime of 9 hours.

Dead Space had a real strong start! There is a great hook right from the begining. Then turns into a curious murder mystery.

The plot is a tangled one, but easy to follow. So many red herrings everywhere! Just when you think it is all figured out, you get thrown for a big ol’ loop with another big reveal. The final confrontation was both a little confusing and a little predictable, but not in a THIS BOOK IS RUIIIIIIINED sort of way.

Somewhere along the way, Dead Space seems to lose a little bit of steam. No real glaring flaw and nothing terrible happens… It is a little hard to explain. :/ Just at some point my interest started to flag a little. Honestly, I don’t know if it was feeling too long or if it was my RL just giving me too much crap at the moment, you know? I’ve had a lot of trouble focusing on books so far this year, so I don’t know, it could have been that, maybe?

Dead Space is a decent space thriller. I was expecting more horror than thriller (not that that is a complaint or anything, just an observation!). Starts off with a nice murder mystery, but I felt like the longer the story went on, it began to drag just a tad. Still an alright story, but the end didn’t grab me the same way the beginning did. While I was looking for more of a horror story, Dead Space turned into a pretty fun little space thriller.


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