Review: Antisocial Housing by Tim Mendees

Called to a newly-built low-rise block of flats on a Cornwall housing estate, plumber Paul Cannon finds more than a blocked toilet to contend with. Teaming up with a pair of local police officers, Paul’s humdrum existence is turned upside down as something old and hideous stirs in the foundations. The tenants are vanishing, the nosy neighbour is in uproar and there is something definitely wrong with the pipes.

Uncovering a nightmare that stretches into the town’s distant, and often murky past, it’s up to a rag-tag assortment of local characters to ensure that what lurks in the walls of that cursed building never makes it to the outside world.

Antisocial Housing by Tim Mendees. Published by Nordic Press, Mythos, 2022. ARC kindle edition. 149 pages.

*Thank you Netgalley for the Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review.

YESSSSSSSSS!!!! This novella had EVERYTHING I could possibly want from a story. Fun plot? Check. Likable characters? Check. Nasty creatures on the loose? Check. Chaos and action? Check!! 😀

I had a total blast reading Antisocial Housing! 🙂 This is a pretty short book, and we do NOT waste any time get to getting. The flow is consistently fast paced. I FLEW through this book. I just could not put it down. I wish it had been a little longer… I was super sad it ended so fast. I was having so much fun and did not want to say bye so soon.

Love, love, LOVED the icky creature! Slug like slime blob thing with LOTS of eyes? Ew. These things are wild! 😀 Their method of dispatching people is pretty impressive. Legit my only complaint is that I wish there had been more human causalities (that we got to witness that is)! 😀

The characters are just a joy to hang out with. They have amazing chemistry together. 🙂 The main group are just so likable, too. I really enjoyed watching them interact with each other as well as watching them figure out what the hell was going on and how to fight the slug slim! They had plenty of great back and forth banter. I had a great time cheering for their fight for survival.

Antisocial Housing is just pure madness and fun. I’m trying to find a clever way of saying just how entertaining it is, but the novella just left me speechless. Just go read it and enjoy it for yourself!! 😀 I look forward to reading other stories from this author.


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