Review: The Yeti by Rick Chesler and Jack Douglas



When evolutionary biology professor Dr. Zack Hitchens loses his wife in a senseless accident, he decides to follow her dreams all the way to the roof of the world– the peak of Mount Everest. On the infernal mountain, Zack and his teammates battle sickness, whiteout conditions, avalanches, the oxygen-starved minds of other climbers – and something else. Something primitive and consumed with rage. Something seeking revenge…

Something downright abominable.

The Yeti by Rick Chesler and Jack Douglas. Published by Severed Press, Aug 2016. Kindle edition, 278 pages.

*Trigger Warning: Some animal death.

First and fore most, this book sure as shit makes me never. EVER. Want to go climb ANY mountain – especially Mt. FREAKING Everest!! Not even Kidding! 😐

Seriously. Climbing a mountain over 26,000 feet. In snowy horrible weather. Just about ZERO oxygen??? Not even counting all the horrible actual CLIMBING to do?? Yeah, no. That’s a no! Nope. Not hiking a mountain. D:

The plot has a quick set up. There is zero time wasting! In no time flat, we get to the mountain and ready to climb it. Just enough details for us to get ready for the mountain and introduce us to everyone without bogging down the whole beginning with too much details or set up. There are a lot of characters and a lot going on, but it never felt lost or confused. Everything felt like it perfectly fit in the book. Not sure I loved the message about living life to the fullest / get off your ass and do stuff… I mean, good message but something about how it is relayed to us just rubbed me the wrong way. :\

The Yeti is a blizzard of suspense and creepy, chilling atmosphere. Even when there is down time, the suspense never seems to dissipate. Even when the Yeti isn’t even around, you feel panic tightening it’s grip on you because you just never know where the threat will come from! Will the yeti kill you or will this damn mountain and mother nature kill you? You just don’t know.

The authors do a great job of making you feel for all the characters. I even felt bad when side / minor characters were injured or killed off. Even the yet has all the feels when we finally see what all is going on with him. D:

This is a super enjoyable book. Perfect for a snowy winter. It had suspense! It had action! It had all the feels! 😀 This is a very fun read. Climbing a mountain like this does not sound fun to me, with or without the killer yeti chasing me! I will stick to my books, thank you and goodnight.

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