Review: Hunted by Darcy Coates

She only went off the trail for a moment…

22-year-old Eileen goes missing while hiking in the remote Ashlough Forest. Five days later, her camera is discovered washed downriver, containing bizarre photos taken after her disappearance.

Chris wants to believe Eileen is still alive. When the police search is abandoned, he and four of his friends create their own search party to scour the mountain range. As they stray further from the hiking trails and the unsettling discoveries mount, they begin to believe they’re not alone in the forest… and that Eileen’s disappearance wasn’t an accident.

By that point, it’s too late to escape.

Hunted by Darcy Coates. Narrated by Angela Dawe. Published by Black Owl Books, 2018. Total run time of 10 hours and 29 minutes.

I’ve read several Darcy Coates work over the last couple of years. One of my favorite writers, and I’m slowly making my way through everything she has out on the shelves! Hunted is one of the very first Darcy books I ever bought!! 😀 Yet, some how it was on the TBR pile the longest!? Crazy!! 😮

Hunted turned out pretty different than what I was expecting. I was thinking it was going to be haunted forest-ish or something like that. So I was surprised when I found out this is a Bigfoot / slasher type story instead! Not your typical Darcy story at all. 😀 Cool! I can get down with a killer Bigfoot story!

What IS typical Darcy style though, is the creepy atmosphere. When the creature is there, when the creature is not there, you feel the total panic of the people lost in the woods. D: I do NOT want to EVER go hiking now! That’s a big ol’ HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NOOOOOOOOOOO. Is this creature going to kill everyone? Why is it so smart?? What is going on in these woods??? 😮

No surprise that this is another excellent story from Darcy. 🙂 Man, I love her work. The big reveal at the end was so good. I never would have guessed that was what was going on. 😮 And the way it gets handled? Niiiiiice.

Very different from her usual work, but still so atmospheric and fun! 🙂


One thought on “Review: Hunted by Darcy Coates

  1. There is some folklore from the Appalachian Mountain of large hairy man that snatch people and take them away never to be find again. I wonder if this book is base off of any folklore.

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