Review: Burrunjor by John Rust

A horrific beast stalks the bush of Australia’s Northern Territory. For centuries, it has devoured any who have crossed its path. The native Jawoyn have a name for this prehistoric horror…Burrunjor!

Famed cryptid hunters Jack and Karen Rastun are on their honeymoon when the monster attacks their tour group. Cut off from the outside world, they flee deep into the forest, with the Burrunjor in pursuit. 

This time, Jack and Karen do not have state-of-the-art weapons or equipment, nor do they have a team of experienced soldiers and scientists to back them up. The two adventurers must rely on their wits and ingenuity, and a collection of civilians unprepared to battle one of the deadliest predators in history.

Burrunjor by John Rust. Narrated by Geoffrey Boyes. A series??? Published by Audible, September, 2022. Run time of 6 hours, 21 minutes.

So, before starting this book, I was already confused! So, this is book # 2?? Maybe?? But the books don’t have series name??? Ummm. Why is it so confusing?? Am I just blind and missing something? :/

Burrunjor is a standalone (??), but clearly I was missing a bit of backstory. This would not ruin the enjoyment of the book – For most people. Now, I had fun with this book, yes, but I spent so much time at the start of the book trying to figure out if I was reading the book out of order….? I was feeling frustrated before even really getting anywhere!!


DINOSUARS!!! 😀 Yay! I do love me a dinosaur adventure. It is great that the plots gets pretty much straight to the crazy dino shit going down. Just a little set up, then BOOM, things get weird!!

There are a lot of characters and I did have a hard time at first remembering who is who. One of the reasons this book didn’t feel like a standalone is because some of the characters are written like we SHOULD know them already….? :/ It is never fully explained or even very clear if we have or not?? It felt like part of their story was just missing :/

The narrator is kind of EH. Most of the time it was ok, but there were accents being used that I had noooo idea what they were….? Other than odd…

Burrunjor focuses heavily on guns and military. The more the better felt like a motto. Still an entertaining action story. Not the best dino book, but not the worst! This is pretty middle of the road. Still fun, but yeah, MID.


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