Review: Barracuda Swarm by Edward J. McFadden III

Ex-US Merchant Marine officer William Drake has a new name and a new life, but trouble follows him like sea lice. Drake’s barfly friends see him as a mysterious outsider, but when one of their crew goes missing, they show up on Drake’s doorstep pleading for help and telling tales of rabid barracuda.

Drake’s hunt for his friend takes an ominous turn when he encounters a red tide spreading through the sea.

Chaos and hysteria spreads across Tetu Island when a school of ravenous barracuda devour a fisherman. With little help from the undermanned and inexperienced local authorities, Drake must find his friend, and figure out what’s affecting the barracuda before the swarm grows and consumes everything in the Caribbean Sea.

Fast-paced and exhilarating, Barracuda Swarm is a memorable sea monster romp through paradise. If you’re a fan of Clive Cussler, Peter Benchley, and Steve Alten , you’ll enjoy Barracuda Swarm.

Barracuda Swarm by Edward J. McFadden III. Narrated by Eric B. Moore. Published by Severed Press, September 2021. Total run time of 7 hours and 28 minutes.

Now I love my sea creatures, but, this book was an odd one! The characters are fine and I love the idea of killer fish! ❤ Most of the plot is a great ride. Most of the time I was pretty entertained. This is a fun book and I only had two real complaints…

My main complaint is about the barracuda. For a swarm of killer fish, it didn’t really feel like they did much killing!! I mean, come on! We all know what kind of book this is… a pulp, b-movie, carnage, blood and action type of book. So where was all the carnage?? The barracudas had a ridiculously low kill count! Something like 4 kills?!! WTF??? Dude, it should have been so much higher!! :/

My other big complaint was the villain’s reason for why he did everything that he did. Maybe I missed it or something? But it felt like the villain was just like, “LOL! I have money so I can!” sort of reason…? :/ That’s some real Elon Musk logic right there…. XD Seriously though, did I miss what happens?

Ooooookay, so Barracuda Swarm is an enjoyable journey. It is fun and loving the killer swarm of fish plot. Wish the swarm was a little bit more killer though. The lack of fish kills kinda ruins some of the suspense and danger though.


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