Review: Megalodon: Bloodbath by Michael Cole

A series of bizarre occurrences suddenly plague the island of Cielo Nublado. A dead whale washes ashore riddled with enormous bite marks. A fishing charter is reported missing, jet skiers vanish, and a yacht is found mysteriously ravaged after some kind of enormous impact.

Chief of Police Nico Medrano tries to investigate the matter. His search for answers puts him on a collision course with an eighty-foot predator, long thought extinct. Violent and merciless, it has risen to the surface, and seeks to wreak havoc on the small island community.

Things only get worse for Nico after he discovers that a ruthless band of criminals, responsible for the deaths of two Miami cops, are lurking on the island. As the body count mounts, Nico is forced to simultaneously battle two separate monsters: Man and Meg.

The result is a bloodbath.

Megalodon: Bloodbath by Michael Cole. Book # 1 in the Deep Sea Predators series. Narrated by Joshua Saxon. Publsihed by Tantor Media, 2022. Total run time of 7 hours and 44 minutes.

*Trigger Warning: Talk of past rape, rape threat.

Michael Cole is one of my go to authors for creature feature stories. I love the sea creatures and apparently so does he! I always enjoy myself with Cole’s work. I think this might be one of my favorites from him?

Megalodon: Bloodbath is the perfect summer read. Just what I needed to get me in the mood for Shark Week! This is is everything you want in giant shark story. 😀 I had such a blast with this one! So FUN! I can’t wait to see what else happens in this series…

Yeah, pretty much zero complaints! Bloodbath is a speedy, action packed, blood soaked boat ride that never slows down! 100% entertainment. Get some popcorn and get read. I absolutely loved the chemistry between the main characters. Buckets and buckets of carnage! An epic cliffhanger of an ending! OMG! Left me craving book # 2, STAT!! This is such a fun book. 🙂 It was over before I even knew what hit me.

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