Review: Paradise Club by Tim Meyer

Welcome to Paradise. Sandy beaches. Crystalline waters. An all-inclusive resort with virtually everything you can think of. A true idyllic paradise.

An event is taking place at Paradise Club that wasn’t on the brochure: a dangerous game pitting the hotel’s guests against a gang of bloodthirsty maniacs. Elliot Harper – family man and FBI agent – is about to find out how fast heaven can become hell when every single vacationer is forced to become a ruthless killer in order to survive. A team of killers have been unleashed, and they won’t stop until every single guest is dead.

Let the mayhem begin…

Paradise Club by Tim Meyer. Published by Grindhouse Press, 2021. Paperback edition, 263 pages.

Possible Triggers: Lots of gore.

Slasher horror isn’t exactly my fave subcategory of horror, but I needed some aquatic themed horror (in, on, or near the water) to fill my summer with. I spotted this book at my library and honestly…. that cover! Just beautiful and so eye catching! Grabbed me right away, making me NEED to know the story!

Paradise Club starts off with just a few short chapters introducing a few different character PoVs. Don’t worry though, it does not take long for the story to kick it up into high gear! Once the slaughter begins, it quickly becomes an absolute BLOODBATH!! So. Much. Blood!

I admired how basically none of the characters were safe. You have no idea who is going to die or who is going to live. WAS anyone going to live?? You knew some of the main characters were gonna die, but it was hard to predict. The author keeps you on your toes the entire time.

The novel has plenty of creative kills and killers. Very imaginative! Totally bat shit crazy fun. My only real complaint about Paradise Club is that none of the killers are women! This cult is a real sausage fest, if you know what I mean, and I think you do…. Come on Tim! Women be crazy too! 😀


Ok, so the plot is trucking right along with lots of joyous slasher action. Then around the 80% mark the story just flies so fast out to left field!! My head was left spinning at the Lovecratish turn of events. WTFFFFF?? Definitely did NOT see that coming at ALL! :O

Paradise Club is a gleeful stab at the slasher genre with a dash of Lovecraftion culty madness thrown in for an extra fun time. It is hard to predict any of the twists or turns. What a wild whisker twister of a ride! Quick pace, tons of carnage, and a very entertaining plot. Such a good time! While I don’t want to ever visit this island, I defiantly plan to visit more books by this author.

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