Review: Clickers by J. F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams

Click Click Click Click

Phillipsport, Maine is a quaint and peaceful seaside village. But when hundreds of creatures pour out of the ocean and attack, its residents must take up arms to drive the beasts back. They are the Clickers, giant venomous blood-thirsty crabs from the depths of the sea. The only warning to their rampage of dismemberment and death is the terrible clicking of their claws. But these monsters aren’t merely here to ravage and pillage. They are being driven onto land by fear. Something is hunting the Clickers. Something ancient and without mercy.

Deadite Press is proud to present the authors’ preferred version of J. F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams’ gore-soaked cult classic tribute to the giant monster B-movies of yesteryear.

Clickers by J. F. Gonzalez and Mark Williams. Book # 1 in the Clickers series. Originally published in 1999. Audiobook published by Deadite Press, April 2021. Total run time of 10 hours and 31 minutes.

*Trigger Warnings: Animal death, child death, possibly offensive language /slurs.

Clickers is a book series I’ve been wanting to read for a LONG time! I love me some giant crab stories!! 😀 When I saw the audiobook on Audible, I snatched it up quick for some fun summer reading.

I wanted some glorious B-movie action from this book. Let me tell you, Clickers did not let me down! So much giant crab kill fest, it was amazing! Plus, the crabs aren’t the only creatures venturing out of the sea for easy pickings on land. 😮 Buckle up because you are in a monumental showdown. This is about to get BRUTAL!

There are a few trigger warnings I wanted to bring up real quick that might bother a few people. There is some animal death that happens. It happens all “off page” fro the most part and isn’t as violent or detailed like the human kills. The author also does not hold back on kids getting killed off. Basically, everyone and every thing is on the menu! It gets fairly messy. 😮

I don’t get offended by salty language, but I also just wanted to mention it for those who it might bother. Mostly plain ol’ curse words, lots of f-bombs. There are also some racial and homophobic slurs thrown around by some of the more jerky characters.

I had a fantastic time listening to this story. The pacing was quick! The story did not feel like it was 10+ hours long. Clickers never felt like it slowed down, even in the “quiet” parts of the story. The authors did a perfect job of kieeping everything moving along swiftly.

The narrator was fine. He felt very pulpish and it felt like a perfect fit for the B-movie feel. Gender and age are not the greatest, but still, it was fine. My only gripe with his performance was the weird pronunciations he did occasionally. It wasn’t a huge problem, but it did take me out of the action just a little.

I really enjoyed Clickers. It was pretty much everything I expected and wanted. I do kinda wish it was just the giant crabs instead of 2 different creatures, but it wasn’t too big of a deal. If you love creature feature B-movie type stories, you should read Clickers.

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