Review: Shredders by Michael Cole

Lorenzo was a quiet Michigan town, known for its beautiful lake and resorts. Summer has arrived and water activities are abundant. It was one of the reasons Officer Royce Dashnaw took the job in the small town. Being a single dad, he wanted to live a quiet life where his daughter could enjoy the beauty of nature.

Unfortunately, nature also has a dark side.

The peaceful serenity of Lorenzo has been disrupted by a series of strange events. A woman flees from the water with strange bites on her legs; bodies are found in the shallows, stripped to the bone; and the local population of fish have mysteriously disappeared.

As the body count rises, Royce learns the truth. Genetically enhanced fish have been dumped into the lake. With scissor-like jaws, they can reduce a full-grown adult to a mere skeleton in under a minute. A race against time ensues, as Royce and his partner struggle to evacuate the very large and busy lake before too many fall victim to the shredders.

Shredders by Michael Cole. Narrated by Benjamin Williams. Published by Tantor Media Inc., 2022. Run time of 6 hours and 50 minutes.

Man, now we are talking! Straight up B-movie vibes. Get some popcorn and get ready for a bonkers ride!

I am a HUGE sucker for creature feature, and sea creature specifically , stories. Shredders was 100% up my alley. This author is always such a joy to read. He totally nails the aesthetic of the 70s / 80s hey day creature novels. He gives us exactly what you want in a story like this- heroes, killer fish, and plenty of canon fodder blood and guts! Just the right amount of depth (of character) and carnage.

The narrator is alright. He has a nice voice but some of the men sounded a little too similar. He does a decent job at age though, really nailing the attitude of kids and teenagers. Also does a decent job with female voices.

I did have one small… not really a complaint, but “problem” with Shredders… I know it is fiction and not to be taken too serious, blah blah blah… but it left a little bit of a bad taste (??) in my mouth at how the plot revolved around evil animal rights people vs the good guys- conservative cops. :/ Not sure how to describe it! I know that every side can have bad people and good people, so, *shrug* I just didn’t exactly love it.

Shredders is an exciting, fast paced ride through a murder fish infested lake. Lots of action, lots of carnage. The plot is a little predictable, but it doesn’t really matter. The story is still highly enjoyable. Kept me HOOKED! Loved the over all vibe. Like B-movies? Like sea creatures? Want a wild ride of a story? Check out Shredders.


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