Review: Primeval Waters by William Burke

Strap on your life jacket for an Amazon River hell cruise teeming with prehistoric nightmares, modern pirates, ancient aliens, and ageless mysticism.

Planetary geologist Dr. Micah Clarke, his nine-year-old daughter Faye and his assistant Catalina Abril are abducted at gunpoint; forced to join a megalomaniac’s paramilitary expedition down an Amazon tributary ruled by murderous pirates and cannibal tribes. The goal—recover a meteorite capable of providing clean energy for the world. But prehistoric terrors lurk around every bend in the river. Swarms of six-inch titan ants and a seventy-foot Titanoboa tear a bloody swath through the flotilla. Micah is convinced that some unknown intelligence is manifesting these primeval horrors to protect the meteorite’s secrets. To defend his daughter, Micah must battle monsters, pirates and cannibals, all leading to his ultimate confrontation with an ancient force possessing the power of creation, or total destruction… and the doomsday clock is chiming midnight.

Primeval Waters by William Burke. Narrated by Tom Taverna. Published by Audible Studios (?), 2022. Originally published in 2021. Run time of 10 hours and 49 minutes.

*Trigger Warning: Animal death

Welp. This was an odd one for me. It checked SO many boxes for me, too! Killer sea life, creature feature, ancient aliens, the Amazon river, etc. But for some reason, I never felt too enthusiastic with the book. :/ I mean…. I enjoyed it. It was alright, but, that was it…. just…. alright. For some reason I just never really felt too invested in the characters or the story.

For me, the narrator felt like a bad match for this book. D: The characters were in their 30s, but they sounded way older then that! It just didn’t match at all. On top of that, everyone just sounded sorta the same. Some people sounded different, but not really enough of a variety. AND, the female voices were a little rough.

The overall plot is a fun one. The story starts off as a fast action thriller. Kidnapping, pirates, illegal mining…. But after a bit, the creature carnage breaks out with giant snakes, giant ants, giant piranhas, giant EVERYTHING! Good stuff. Characters are alright. The kid wasn’t too terrible. But like I said above, I just didn’t really feel too invested in them. :/

Primeval Waters is an appealing story with a lot of great creature kills. Nice and bloody! Kept me engaged enough to keep reading, but overall left me feeling just ok.

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