Review: Widow’s Point by Richard and Billy Chizmar

“This is a bad place. I don’t think people are meant to live here.”

Longtime residents of Harper’s Cove believe that something is wrong with the Widow’s Point Lighthouse. Some say it’s cursed. Others claim it’s haunted.

Originally built in 1838, three workers were killed during the lighthouse’s construction, including one who mysteriously plunged to his death from the catwalk. That tragic accident was never explained, and it was just the beginning of the terror. In the decades that followed, nearly two dozen additional deaths occurred in or around the lighthouse including cold-blooded murder, suicide, unexplained accidents and disappearances, the slaughter of an entire family, and the inexplicable death of a Hollywood starlet who was filming a movie on the grounds.

The lighthouse was finally shuttered tight in 1988 and a security fence was erected around the property. No one has been inside since.

Until tonight.

Thomas Livingston is the acclaimed author of thirteen books about the supernatural and this evening he will enter the Widow’s Point Lighthouse, searching for material for his next bestseller. He will be locked inside for the weekend with no way of contacting the outside world. And although no human has stepped foot inside the structure in nearly three decades, Livingston will not be alone.

In this remarkable collaboration, father and son writing team, Richard and Billy Chizmar, combine forces to tell a chilling ghost story that will make you think twice about what is waiting for you in the dark. This novella is a much-expanded version of the short story of the same title.

Widow’s Point by Billy and Richard Chizmar. Published by Cemetery Dance Publications, 2018. Hardcover edition, 156 pages.

This was a random library pick for me. Saw it while searching for some horror to check out. My eyes were immediately drawn to the beautiful, brooding cover art. I didn’t recognize the authors or the book title, but haunted lighthouse?? Yes, please!

Widow’s Point was a pleasant little surprise. The story is written in a found footage format, which felt very refreshing for this ghost tale. I was absorbed in the plot from the beginning.

I also enjoyed how the story was divided up into bit sized pieces. It helped the story really feel like legit found footage. It also helped the story have a nice flow. By breaking up the backstory info dumps with small moments of the present time in between kept the story going at a quick pace. Widow’s Point is a short novella that you can rapidly devour in one sitting! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

The plot is absolutely fun. Nice and creepy location. The authors do a superb job of making you feel disorientated pretty much as soon as you step into the lighthouse. There is plenty of delightfully horrid back history with the location. I was a little bit bummed that we never really find out the whys or hows about the haunting. Very little is actually answered at all. It’s not a huge deal breaker, I just enjoy a little bit more explanation(s) to a story.

Widow’s Point is a quick and interesting haunting novella. The found footage style felt unique. I enjoyed the plot and was completely entertained the whole time, but I do wish there had been a little bit more to the story. I am happy I checked it out. 🙂

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