Review: From Below by Darcy Coates

No light. No air. No escape.

Hundreds of feet beneath the ocean’s surface, a graveyard waits…

Years ago, the SS Arcadia vanished without a trace during a routine voyage. Though a strange, garbled emergency message was broadcast, neither the ship nor any of its crew could be found. Sixty years later, its wreck has finally been discovered more than three hundred miles from its intended course…a silent graveyard deep beneath the ocean’s surface, eagerly waiting for the first sign of life.

Cove and her dive team have been granted permission to explore the Arcadia’s rusting hull. Their purpose is straightforward: examine the wreck, film everything, and, if possible, uncover how and why the supposedly unsinkable ship vanished.

But the Arcadia has not yet had its fill of death, and something dark and hungry watches from below. With limited oxygen and the ship slowly closing in around them, Cove and her team will have to fight their way free of the unspeakable horror now desperate to claim them.

From Below by Darcy Coates. 352 pages. Published by Poisoned Pen Press, June 2022. Advanced reader copy, Kindle edition.

* Thank you Netgalley for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

Well! I’m going to skip all the normal build up and get straight to my feelings on From Below!

OOOOOO SPOOKY!! 😀 So very nice and spooky! The setting, the isolation, the technical issues, the back story, the ship, the building suspense- EVERYTHING! So much atmosphere. So much creepy. I could feel my heart hammering in my chest with each passing chapter. Definitely one of the scarier books from Darcy Coates. 🙂

The plot is epic, and right up my alley. Horror on and or in the ocean is my jam. I felt like this is not only a great addition to the aquatic horror subcategory, but also something you haven’t seen before.

The story is told from two different eras. One is from the days leading up to the ship sinking. The second is the present dive crew. It was very interesting watching what had happened to the ship slowly unfold. I thought I knew what From Below was going to be about. BOY, was I wrong! No spoiler here, but I was surprised at what was uncovered on the Arcadia- past and present!

I was extremely happy with From Below. Yet another great book from Darcy. Entertaining, creepy, and tense from the first page to the very last. I loved characters and plot. Both felt full of tense emotion. This novel was not at all what I was expecting, but I absolutely loved every single moment. I will be recommending this one to everyone!

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