Review: Archie vs. Predator (Part 1 and 2) by Alex de Campi

America’s favorite teen meets the galaxy’s fiercest hunter!

When Archie and friends hit Costa Rica for spring break, partying and beach games are soon replaced by the Most Dangerous Game! Lured by the challenge of Betty and Veronica’s unparalleled fierceness, a teenaged Predator from the stars follows the gang back to Riverdale, where it prepares for its most bizarre hunt ever. But will the kids even realize they’re in danger before they end up in the creature’s horrifying trophy case?!

Collects issues #1-#4 of the smash-hit Archie vs. Predator. First time in paperback!

Archie vs. Predator by Dark Horse Comics. Written by Alex de Campi. Art by Fernando Ruiz and Rich Koslowski. Graphic novel published August 2019, collecting issues 1-4.

Archie vs Predator II by Archie Comics. Written by Alex de Campi. Art by Robert Hack and Kelly Fitzpatrich. Graphic novel published in 2020, collecting issues 1-4.

*Trigger warning: Animal death

I used to read the Archie comics when I was a kid, and picked up a few every now and then over the last few years. When I saw these graphic novels at my local used bookstore, I knew I had to get them. Seriously, how could you NOT want to see this crossover?? 😀

Book one, Archie vs. Predator, is in the traditional Archie style, art and story wise. You gotta love the classic look! And seeing the Predator in that style is just awesome! He is just adorable. Everything looks so cute and bright.

The story is your typical silly adventure for the Archie gang. Except, you know, with lots of violence. And blood. Lots and LOTS of blood! I wonder if this is the bloodiest Archie adventure? Everything is over the top fun. Pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a crossover like this. The writing stays true to the characters of both Archie’s universe and the Predator’s franchise. Very happy about that!

Archie vs. Predator II is in the art style of the more modern, realistic, and gritty style of the Riverdale version of the Archie gang. It is an equally beautiful version of the characters. Everyone is so pretty. I am not as familiar with this version of the Archie gang, so I did have a little bit of trouble telling who was who. The Predator looked BADASS though! And Predator doggos?? Yes, please!

I think I enjoyed AvPII a little bit more then the first collection in book one. The story is so meta. 😀 Not only are we dealing with more Predators, but we also have alternate realities/ multiverses (so popular right now!), space travel, Predator dogs, and summoning Satan! Part II was just CRAZY. And too much fun. I had a blast reading the whole crossover though. Super hilarious, tongue firmly in cheek the whole time. How perfectly Archie.




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