Review: The Hookup Dilemma by Constance Gillam

Perfect for fans of Jasmine Guillory, this laugh-out-loud #OwnVoices story proves that sometimes the least perfect arrangement can lead to something perfect for them.

Rashida Howard has never been a one-night-stand kind of woman, but she has good reason for making an exception with Elliott after meeting him in a bar. Cliché? Yes. Utterly amazing? Absolutely. Regrets? None.

Elliott Quinn is a workaholic. The one night he decides to break his routine, he has an encounter with the woman of his dreams. But no matter how amazing they are together, work will always come first.

Both of their lives get turned upside down when they find themselves on opposite sides of an ongoing fight between Elliott’s company and Rashida’s community. Though their chemistry is undeniable, neither of them will risk their integrity…or their heart.

And just when they think they might have found a solution that benefits both sides, they uncover a secret that will change everything.

The Hookup Dilemma by Constance Gillam. Published by Entangled Publishing, 2021. Total of 322 pages.

One of my book challenge prompts is to “Read a book from a genre you’ve never read before.” After thinking it over, I could only think of one genre that I had never EVER read before… romance! 😮 Since I don’t own any romance novels, I went straight to the library to pick something out.

The Hookup Dilemma caught my eye right away. The cover art is very beautiful. What a great cover! I love the colors and the contrast between the two sides. The plot blurb on the back sounded like it could be entertaining. I decided to go with this one.

I actually had a lot of fun reading this book. The characters were pretty fun. The chemistry between Rashida and Elliott was INCREDIBLE! When their lives get tangled up together and they end up on the opposite sides of the heated debate, you can’t help but want to root for both of them to work it out. There are just so cute together. 🙂

The plot is pretty straight forward. No big twists or turns. You don’t need to worry about anything, just sit back and enjoy the ride. The epilogue felt a little bit tacked on the end for some reason… but it doesn’t hurt the story at all.

While I’m still not a fan of romantic themes in the books I like to read, I’m very happy to have read The Hookup Dilemma! 🙂 This is a cute, fun story and it was very entertaining.


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