Review: Infected by Scott Sigler

Across America a mysterious disease is turning ordinary people into raving, paranoid murderers who inflict brutal horrors on strangers, themselves, and even their own families.

Working under the government’s shroud of secrecy, CIA operative Dew Phillips crisscrosses the country trying in vain to capture a live victim. With only decomposing corpses for clues, CDC epidemiologist Margaret Montoya races to analyze the science behind this deadly contagion. She discovers that these killers all have one thing in common – they’ve been contaminated by a bioengineered parasite, shaped by a complexity far beyond the limits of known science.

Meanwhile Perry Dawsey – a hulking former football star now resigned to life as a cubicle-bound desk jockey – awakens one morning to find several mysterious welts growing on his body. Soon Perry finds himself acting and thinking strangely, hearing voices . . . he is infected.

The fate of the human race may well depend on the bloody war Perry must wage with his own body, because the parasites want something from him, something that goes beyond mere murder.

Infected by Scott Sigler. Book #1 in the Infected trilogy. Narrated by Scott Sigler, Published by Random House Audio, April 2008. Run time of 11 hours and 27 minutes.

*Possible Triggers: Body horror/ mutilation, lots of gore.

Infected is one crazy story and I mean, like…. This shit is bananas… B-A-N-A-N-A-S! You can always count on Scott Sigler for a wild whisker twister. This was gross in all the best ways! Most of the time I had this –> D: look plastered on my face the entire time! Lots of messed up stuff goes down. That is your last warning!

The main characters are not overly likable. I didn’t really connect with anyone. BUT… I didn’t really care. Why? Because this book was just so interesting. I was very entertained by the craziness, but also but the fascinating plot. The plot just had me so curious about WTF was going on and WTF was going to happen next!

The story is very creative. It is a really brilliant take on an infection breaking out. I was beyond intrigued with the bizarre, gore-drenched carnage fueled mystery as it escalates and unfolds. Even if the characters didn’t really grab me, I was very curious about what would happen next in the series. Infected definitely makes me want to know what else will happen, how will humans be able to win over this threat??

The audiobook is narrated by the author. He does a decent job. Better than most authors. Silger brought energy and passion. It more than made up for not being the best at female voices. There are a few nice sound effects here and there. Pretty fun to listen to.

Infected is super crazy, fresh fun. The story is creative and unique. Buckets of blood and body horror! It was EWWWW a majority of the time. I loved it! 😀 The plot and the ending makes me pretty curious to see where book 2 will go.


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