Review: Rattus New Yorkus by Hunter Shea


Deep in the sewers of New York City, the rat population is growing. Dr. Randolph Finch is determined to break the cycle. His new rodenticide, Degenesis, doesn’t kill rats. It sterilizes them from reproducing. But nothing adapts faster than a New York rat . . .


City exterminators and soon-to-be divorced Chris and Benita Jackson think they know how these rats think. They know how rats breed. And they fear that Degenesis has only made these rats stronger. More aggressive. More intelligent. And more ravenous than ever . . .


After a noticeable surge in rat den activity, the Jacksons witness something strange. Without warning, the rats disappear—only to reassemble in a massive lair beneath Grand Central Station. Millions upon millions of them. Working together. Operating as a hive mind. Feasting on the flesh of the homeless below—and planning their all-out attack on the unsuspecting humans above . . .

Rattus New Yorkus by Hunter Shea. Book #2 in the One Size Eats All series. Published by Lyrical Underground, 2018.

*Trigger warning: Some animal death

I love Hunter Shea’s work! He has the same love of creature features as I do. His books are always so much fun! And that is exactly how to describe Rattus New Yorkus…. FUN! Just…. straight up FUN!

This novella is very short. A very quick read, even for a slow reader like me. Hunter wastes zero time getting to the rats. Everything spirals out of control so quickly. The pacing is pretty break neck speed. But really, when dealing with scurrying hordes of rats, the pacing needs to be quick!

Rattus New Yorkus is a very classic creature feature story. I love that one of the main characters even refrences one of my favorite creature movies from the olden days… Them!! ❤ This novella is a great homage to all the classic and cult favorites about the dangers of science vs. nature.

I wished the story had been longer. It isn’t bad that it’s short, it’s just that I was enjoying it so much I didn’t want it to end! I am so excited that the author is going to be busy writing a sequel on this Patreon page. 😀 I can not wait to get back to the rat carnage!

This is such a fun and quick story. If you are a creature feature junkie like me, you will not want to skip Rattus New Yorkus!


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