Review: Below by Kev Harrison

Nick has revered his grandfather his entire life. The absent hero, his namesake, buried alive in his final act of courage an ocean and thousands of miles away. Jess has outgrown her status as an all-action social media celebrity and the endless demands that come with it.

Adventure Travel TV has thrown this unlikely duo together, promising Jess the launchpad she craves and Nick the chance to tell his grandfather’s story first-hand, in the newly uncovered mine that still holds his remains from the twilight days of the gold rush. Is it a dream come true or a nightmare as someone or something stirs…BELOW.

Below by Kev Harrison. Novella published by Silver Shamrock Publishing, 2021. Total of 137 pages.

Uh, creature in a lost mine?? Yes please! You literally had me at the title! And just look at this beautiful cover work by Kealan Patrick Burke! How captivating.

Below is a very quick read. It doesn’t take long to set up the premise. It does take a bit for the creature to officially make an appearance though. I honestly didn’t mind the drawn out reveal too much because I was so caught up in the unraveling story of the 4 men who ended up being buried alive 50+ years ago.

That being said, it did feel like the creature didn’t get as much time to shine? Like, I kept waiting for more from it, you know? It felt like there were some real missed opportunities. It was a little odd feeling.

Overall, Below is a a quick and entertaining story. Very quick read. A fun cave creature story. I just wish the creature had a accomplished a little more.


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