Review: We Bleed Orange & Black by Jeff C. Carter

We Bleed Orange & Black presents 31 fun-sized tales of Halloween from author Jeff C. Carter.

A twisted faerie finds a lost child, a teenage werewolf sneaks out during a full moon, and a legion of monsters begins the downfall of man. Explore Halloween from Appalachia to the Arctic Circle and journey from the Old West to Mars.

This spooktacular goody bag harvests all the joys and terrors of the best night of the year. If you love air crisp as cider and scented with burning leaves, if you greet the darkness with a jack o’lantern grin, and if you yearn for the veil between worlds to grow thin, then you bleed orange & black.

We Bleed Orange & Black by Jeff C. Carter. Self published, October 2020. Total of 182 pages.

If you love Halloween Like I do, and you are looking for a book to get you in a festive mood, this is the book for you! We Bleed Black & Orange is perfect for all ages. The author even goes out of his way to put a list up saying which stories are family friendly and which are not. Even the ones listed on the more R rated side really are not too terribly graphic or overly scary. Everyone will find something to enjoy here.

This book does an amazing job of capturing the feel of Halloween. The stories are all very short and the whole book moves extremely fast. There are a few stories that are a little sad, but most are pretty entertaining.

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