Review: Mega 6: No Man’s Island by Jake Bible

The last fight is here!

Team Grendel and the crew of the Beowulf III have met their match. A sadistic maniac has them in her clutches and the last MEGA is on the hunt for revenge. It is a race to see which evil destroys Grendel first! Or will the team of misfits, mad scientists, and ex-Navy SEALs finally prevail and be allowed a chance to live out their lives in peace?

Probably not…

The mystery is over! The enemies have surfaced! Now all Team Grendel and the crew of the Beowulf III have to do is survive one last conflict!

Get ready for the sixth and final installment in the MEGA series!

Mega 6: No Man’s Island by Jake Bible. Final book in the Mega series. Narrated by Neil Hellegers. Published by Tantor Media, Inc. in 2019. Originally published in 2017. Run time is 8 hours and 27 minutes.

I’m so sad! This is the last book (as far as I know) of the Team Grendal / Mega series! I have loved this series so much. It’s just pure joy to read. Seriously, this is a very fun series that I highly recommend.

Ok, now to Mega 6: No Man’s Island! So book 6 starts out a little bit confusing as we go back in time to the very start of Ballantine’s plans. It was all cryptic and vague so you wouldn’t know what was what until literally the very end. It was a little weird at first and took awhile before we realized what was going on, but the pay off was nice. Overall, the confusion was brief and the reveal was fun. While I wasn’t hooked right away, I knew this author wouldn’t let me down.

No Man’s Island was very much a character driven book, more so than the others. There were zombies and a mega shark, but they really never felt like a huge focus this time around. The villian was clearly the human elements. The monsters were more on the back burner.

While the plot felt more focused on the characters, I did miss the Team Grendal dynamics. For a majority of the book the team was (mostly) split up. Part of the fun of the series was watching the team’s bond grow and seeing them banter with each other like family. I wish the team had been together more throughout the book.

Very satisfying end to the series. Ballantine finally accomplished his plan and it was nice seeing all the questions finally answered. The very end mini cliffhanger did feel like it was setting up for another book for maybe a short story? I don’t know if it was ever followed up on….?

Mega 6 is just action, action, action. Things get crazy as soon as chapter 2 starts and it never slowed down until the book was over. Just like all the other books in the series, this was extremely fun! If you are looking for just a crazy, fun action packed series with giant creatures, insane sharks, and dark humor… this series is for you. Check it out!

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