Review: Fast Ice by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown

Kurt Austin races to Antarctica to stop a chilling plot that imperils the entire planet in the latest novel from the #1 New York Times-bestselling Grand Master of Adventure.

After a former NUMA colleague disappears while researching the icebergs of Antarctica, Kurt Austin and his assistant Joe Zavala embark for the freezing edge of the world to investigate. Even as they confront perilous waters and frigid temperatures, they are also are up against a terrifying man-made weapon–a fast-growing ice that could usher in a new Ice Age.

Pitted against a determined madman and a monstrous storm, Kurt and the NUMA team must unravel a Nazi-era plot in order to save the globe from a freeze that would bury it once and for all.

Fast Ice by Clive Cussler and Graham Brown. Book # 18 in the NUMA Files series. Narrated by Scott Brick. Published March 2021 by Penguin Audiobooks. Runtime is 10 hours and 45 minutes.

* Trigger Warning: Implied / brief animal cruelty.

The history part of the plot felt a little bit weaker in Fast Ice. Another slight wrinkle is that some of the tech talk went a little bit over my head. Event though there were a few hiccups at the start, it didn’t detract from the over all plot. After the brief confusion up front, the story moved extremely fast. I was so happy to see the whole team got to see a fair amount of action this time.

Something else that made me feel happy is that the danger felt real. We all know the team will never die or get seriously wounded, Fast Ice gives the reader a little seed of doubt. MAYBE they really can get hurt this time? The team always comes off looking superhuman. It was refreshing this time to see them get banged up a bit.

There were a lot of different accents and I’m not really sure if the narrator was nailing them or not. I couldn’t really place where they were supposed to be from. Also, all the characters tended to sound too similar.

Fast Ice is an entertaining read. Happy to see the whole team together. A little bit confusing here or there, but the story was never spoiled because of it. This was your typical fun, fast paced adventure from the NUMA series.


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