Review: Mega 5: Murder Island by Jake Bible

Team Grendel is out of options.

With a mysterious enemy destroying their refuges, the crew of the Beowulf III is forced to seek sanctuary on an island that wants nothing more than to kill them all, an island that is pure death and evil.

While Ballantine struggles to find them a less deadly option, Team Grendel must risk their lives to help a teammate. Something is wrong with Darby and an answer must be found before it is too late. But finding that answer may mean not all of them will make it out.

Fear! Death! Terror! BLOOD!

Nothing is right, nor will it ever be again, when Grendel and the crew land on Murder Island!

Mega 5: Murder Island by Jake Bible. Book # 5 in the Mega series Narrated by Neil Hellegers. Published by Tantor Media Inc., 2019. Originally published in 2016. Run time is 7 hours and 59 minutes.

Killer bugs? YES please! Loved the killer bugs. Some nasty birds too. This was NOT a fun island to be stuck on! Much deadlier than the previous books. It constantly felt like someone was gonna die! Mega 5: Murder Island definitely lived up to it’s name.

This series is a lot of fun. Each book has been so entertaining. Part 5 did not disappoint. It had just as much adrenaline boosting craziness as the books before it. Man this series is so much off the walls fun.

I was a little annoyed with the whole Darby “who am I” thing… It was such a great hook. We finally get to learn about one of the most mysterious team members! BUT when it is finally time to hear the truth, Darby is told but the reader is still left in the dark as to what was said. :/ Not cool leaving us hanging til book 6!

My only other small complaint is that the ending felt kind of abrupt. It felt like the author ran out of time and just wrapped up everything as fast as he could. Don’t get me wrong, Mega 5 is still a lot of fun, just wish a little more time was dedicated the wrap up at the end.

Over all, this was an enjoyable adventure. Could not get enough of the killer bug action packed plot. This island felt much more dangerous that the previous books in the series. There were a few tiny complaints, but they didn’t really interfere with the enjoyment of the book. It was still a total blast!

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