Review: Mega 2: Baja Blood by Jake Bible

Team Grendel is back and this time they have double the monster sharks and double the trouble as a drug cartel and the Mexican Navy are both ready to blow the Beowulf III out of the water!

When a top secret, undercover mission goes wrong for one of the company’s operatives, Ballantine must call on Team Grendel and the crew of the Beowulf III to take down a drug lord and stop Southern California from being overrun by a new substance more addictive and deadly than any drug on the planet.

But things are never that simple as Team Grendel find they are under siege by cloned Megalodon sharks that developed a taste for the new substance, sending the monsters on a drug fueled rampage of bloody violence along the Baja Mexico coastline!

Blood is in the water and the feeding frenzy is on!

Mega 2: Baja Blood by Jake Bible. Book # 2 in the Mega Series. Narrated by Neil Hellegers. Audiobook published by Tantor Media, Inc., published in 2018. Run time is 8 hours and 7 mins. Originally published in 2014.

This book is just insane in such a glorious way! Coke addicted mega sharks! I mean, if that doesn’t grab you, I don’t know what will! I read this book a few years ago and had a blast. Baja Blood was just as epic the second time around.

Mega 2 is action non-stop from the beginning to the end. You get a little bit of set up, then we just go full throttle! Drug cartel, mega big sharks, violence, humor, and more. GO! GO! GO! But it never felt rushed, which was impressive. The plot is fantastic and totally bananas.

The characters- the main team and crew of the ship- are so much fun. They really make this series great. Baja Blood continues to develop the characters, giving us a little bit at a time. It’s great because you get growth, you get to know them better, but they still have a mysterious air about them. I love how the team acts together and their slowly forming family bond.

The narrator did a great job. Everyone has their own unique voice. It never gets confusing as to who is talking. While gender is not his strong point, the female voices were still clearly female and different characters. Neil also does a great job delivering the witty dialogue and one liners. He also nails the accents in this one. The narrator is fun to listen to.

I’ve had such a great time reading this book again. This series is just an adrenaline jolt of joy to read. Baja Blood kept me hooked, not only through the whole book, but even after it ended. There is a great build up for book #3! I immediately set out to listen to the next book.

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