Review: Evil Eye: A Slasher Story by April R. Taylor

During the eye of a hurricane, evil strikes.

Six strangers get stuck on an island during a roaring hurricane. They have nothing in common, but five of them will have to join forces to survive the night. Meanwhile, the sixth wants nothing more than to kill every single one of them.

Join Annette, Chad, Heather, Spencer, and Kate on the worst night of their lives. Can they survive or will the killer maniacally laugh while eviscerating them? Filled with gore, terror, and the little moments between humans that can make or break their budding friendships.

Evil Eye: A Slasher Story by April R. Taylor. Published by Midnight Grasshopper Books, August 3, 2021. Kindle edition, 123 pages. *Trigger warning: Brief animal death.

* Thank you to the author, April R. Taylor, for giving me a copy of Evil eye to review*

While slasher horror is not my favorite type of horror, the premise of a slasher story during a hurricane sounded too fun to pass up. What a perfect summer read!

Evil Eye is a very quick book. I absolutely could not put it down. I just had so much fun reading this story. I kept saying “Just one more chapter!” over and over again. From start to finish we had a very creepy atmosphere, an isolated setting and a bad storm brewing. I had a blast hunkering down in bed with the lights off and getting swept away with this book. More then once I thought about turning the lights back on. The novel just has such a great creep factor to it!

I really enjoyed seeing the story from every characters point of view. In some books that can get a little confusing to follow, but I had no problem following along here. The plot flows really well. All the switching between points of view actually felt really natural and with smooth transitions between people. You never had to wonder who was talking now. It was always clear and that made the book fly by.

Some of the characters are great. Some of the characters are not so great. I really enjoyed getting to know each of them. Everyone felt very real. You had a multitude of personalities and reactions and it made everyone feel very normal. We even get to see a little bit from the killer, though he is still kept a big mystery throughout the book. You can’t really even tell for sure if we are dealing with a human bad guy or something supernatural (or both)!

Evil Eye is a highly entertaining story! The setting inside a hurricane was spooky and I enjoyed experiencing the story from everyone’s perspective. You can feel the horror movie homage throughout the book. I had a lot of fun reading this and I definitely want to check out other books by this author now.

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