Review: Generations by Steve Alten

In MEG: Generations, Steve Alten New York Times bestselling author continues his terrifying series.

DUBAI: An impossibility is being taken to the Middle East. The transport vessel Tonga is carrying a liopleurodon to the City of Gold. But while investors gawk at the prehistoric creature, any even more dangerous creature is beginning to stir.

The megalodon shark that Jonas Taylor worked so hard to capture is coming out of it’s drug-induced stupor and refuses to be contained. Now both ancient creatures, older than mankind itself, are loose in the waters of the Arabian Sea, and the region will never be the same.

Meg: Generations by Steve Alten. Book # 6 in the Meg series. Narrated by Keith Szarabajka. Audio book published by Black Stone Audio, Inc, 2018. Run time is 11 hours and 17 minutes.

Well. I’m not exactly sure what was going on with this Meg book. It is a part 6 of a pretty entertaining series, but Generations just did not work for me. :/ Very sad face about that because I have really enjoyed this series.

The biggest problem, at least for me, is that this novel is extremely over booked. I mean, there is just WAY too much going on as well as way too many characters. Look at this….

We have several different groups all competing with each other. You have the whole Taylor family and their friends, each with their separate thing going on. You have Terry’s health concerns and problems with Jonas fighting for his wife. David is off doing his thing, while fighting with his maybe girlfriend(?), and multiple girlfriends. There is a doctor doing cancer research. There are 3 different amusement sea park / aquariums capturing creatures. WAY too many names are dropped all through the book and they have nothing to really do with anything other then a name to a background character (1. I know the author did this by adding his real fan’s- MegHeads- name’s as a thank you to the fans but it just didn’t work well and 2. these back ground characters didn’t even get killed by the monsters! Some might have but most were just name drops that did very little. None of this felt very smooth and it broke up the flow too much). Too many employee’s going off and doing their own thing. AND too many monsters, with too little descriptions, to keep track of! All of the above was just EXHAUSTING!!

To add to this over booking of plot, Towards the middle- end, there is a 15 month time jump! It was so convoluted and herky jerky of a jump. There is very little explained. People are now magically on other sides of the planet doing other stuff now, Terry is some how all better after being in a veggie coma, ect. A LOT seems to have happened but not a lot is really explained very well and some stuff is just glossed over. On top of that, there is just all new stuff going on. WTF? It was just so BIZARRE! With all the new stuff going on, it made everything before it feel like a lot of plot filler. I don’t know. It was just strange and not very good. D:

I hate to be brutal with a series and author I enjoy, but Meg: Generations was just a hot mess. :/ This was a difficult, and not very enjoyable, book to read. Too much was going on, too much of it felt like either filler or shoe horned into the plot. The book started off solid but just rockets straight off the rails and never gets back on. I don’t know what happened with this book. Book # 6 just did not work for me at all and definitely feels like the worst book in the series so far. There is a book # 7 coming out soonish, but with as bad as Generations was, I feel a little wary about getting it.


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