Review: Silence in the Shadows by Darcy Coates

The stark world continues to change. Each passing day twists it further, pushing the surviving humans closer to the brink of extinction. But, for the first time, there is hope.

Clare and Dorran have set their sights on returning home to Winterbourne Hall. It’s a daunting journey, but vital. Humanity needs more refuges—safe areas where food can be grown without attracting the attention of the hollow ones—and the old gothic manor is their best bet.

But their home is no longer a sanctuary. It’s become a trap: carefully crafted for them, lying in wait for their return. By the time they realize just how dangerous Winterbourne has become, it’s already too late.

The fight for survival is far from over.

Silence in the Shadows by Darcy Coates. Book #4, the final book in the Black Winter series. Narrated by Angela Dawe. Published by Poisoned Pen Press, April 2021. Total run time is 10 hours and 10 minutes.

Words cannot express how glad I was that there was one more book to read in this series! I had thought it was a trilogy and when book 3 ended so abruptly, before the main characters even got back home, I felt so crushed. The series just couldn’t leave us hanging like that, right!?

Enter book # 4- Silence in the Shadows. This book picks up right from where we left off at in the last book. Dorran and Clare have a wild journey home, meet other humans along the wall, and find plenty of creepy monsters along the way. The author ties up every loose end, some going as far back as the very first book! So extremely satisfying!

The series ending was perfect. Not gonna lie, got a little choked up at the very end. Over all, this series is very bleak. However this book was filled with hope for the future. You get a small taste of it in book 3, but in Silence, we finally get to see humanity begin to rebuild and find away past this bizarre post apocalyptic series.

The majority of creepy tension comes from the last few hours of the book, when our main characters arrive back to their home. Crazy fast action the whole rest of the way. A lot is thrown at you all at once, and it leaves you a little confused at first. Don’t worry, every thing gets a proper explanation in the end.

A very fast 10 hours. This was an entertaining end to a lovely series. I was very happy not only with this book, but the whole series. If a gorgeous, modern gothic post apocalyptic story with some seriously nasty creatures sounds great to you, you need to check this series out stat.


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