Review: The Sanctuary by Glenn Chandler

A group of teenagers take a boat to an abandoned Scottish island. The guy who planned the trip is a keen bird-watcher, and Inch Crag is a sanctuary for wildlife. It’s also a place of superstition and death, as the big kilt-wearing Scot who takes them there informs them. No one has lived on the island for years, and anyone who’s tried to visit never comes back to tell the tale. The island seems to have a mind of its own. Despite all this, the big cliched Scottish lad takes them over, and one by one, they meet their fate.

Well… This was something. I don’t really know what to say. The cover is just amazing! But aside from the cover, I just couldn’t really get into this one at all.

The Sanctuary is a very slow burn. Normally slow isn’t that bad, but all the characters here are soooo unlikable! The crazy killer birds take way too long to get the characters. The pay off was unsatisfactory!

I thought there was going to be way more crazy bird action. But there wasn’t. The lack of action and the unlikable characters just made this one so hard to read. It was difficult to motivate myself to keep picking up this book to read. And it was such a short book! I was so bummed.

I didn’t finish this one. I tried. I really wanted to like this one but I just didn’t. :/ I made it more then half way but…. MEH. I might try picking this one up again sometime later…. but, I don’t know. Cover is nice though.

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