Review: The Haunted Forest Tour by James A. Moore and Jeff Strand

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Haunted Forest Tour! Sit back and enjoy a smooth ride in air-conditioned comfort as your heavily armored tram takes you through nature’s most astonishing creation. The forest is packed to capacity with dangerous and terrifying creatures of all shapes, sizes, and hunger levels, and you’ll get to observe these wonders in complete safety.

Howl with a werewolf! Gaze into the glowing eyes of a giant spider! Look right through a spooky ghost! See horrific monsters you couldn’t even imagine, only inches away from you! Things with fangs, things with claws, things with dripping red jaws — you’ll see them all!

Not thrilling enough? Well, it’s Halloween, and so we’re offering a very special tour through the Haunted Forest. The new route goes deeper into the woods than any civilians have ventured before, and you’re guaranteed to get a good scare! Rest assured that every possible security precaution has been taken. The Haunted Forest Tour has a 100% safety record, and technical difficulties are unheard of. You will be in no danger whatsoever.

We promise.

The Haunted Forest Tour by Jeff Strand and James A. Moore. Narrated by Joe Hempel. Audio is published by Tantor Audio, 2018. Run time is 8 hours and 56 minutes.

First…. Love this cover! It is just gorgeous. 😀 It really knows how to draw the eye. I’ve been drooling over this cover since the book came out. I was super happy when I finally go around to reading it! 😀 I was not let down. This book was a total blast to read!

There is very little set up. You get to learn a little bit about a handful of people and then stuff starts to go wrong… Every second that ticked by, the tension was building higher and higher. You knew that any minute, everything was going to go sideways. Once things start to go wrong, it just keeps getting worse and worse for everyone. Don’t ask “Could it get any worse?” because it does. Often! So. Much. Action! BAM! BAM! BAM! Non-stop. It did not feel like an 8 hour book at all. This was over all too soon. High octane entertainment for the whole ride.

The Haunted Forest Tour is a very creative book all around. I loved the premise. A strange forest just pops out of the ground one day, destroying a town and just about everyone who lived there. How can I not want to know more about that?! 😮 On top of the creative plot, we have some extremely fun monsters filling this forest! Creepy hopping humans, giggling fox things, a giant head, spiders, snakes and bugs, oh my! Very, very cool. The descriptions made me want to do so much fan art! Not only interesting plot, and unique monsters, but some super outrageously creative kills! There were so many different type of kills I couldn’t even keep track.

The Narrator is so so. Not horrible, but everyone sounded kind of similar. The performance didn’t ruin the story but there were a few scenes where it was a tiny bit hard to tell who all was talking in that conversation.

I was very entertained from start to finish. I’m pretty sure I will be listening to this one again and again. It was just too much fun.


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