Review: I Know What You Did Last Summer by Lois Duncan

They Thought It Was Over

Last summer, four terrified friends made a desperate pact to conceal a shocking secret. But now, someone has learned the truth.

The horror is starting again. There is an unknown avenger out there who is stalking them in a deadly game. Will he stop at terror – or is he out for revenge?

I really wanted to like this book. Love the concept. It’s an early YA thriller back in the time when this sort of thing was not as common as now. Revenge books are always fun… except for this time.

The biggest problem I had with this book is that the writing is just sloppy. It being a young adult story from the 1970s is no excuse. Being “dated” is no excuse for sloppy writing. Some of the phrasing was just so… awkward. Just odd choices! I’ve read other books from the same decade (and seen plenty of movies from then as well) and I’ve never seen the same time of odd phrasing. Here is an example. The main character is in the entry hall, while her mom is back in the kitchen. The mom yells from the kitchen that dinner is almost ready and then asks our main character “Are you coming out?” MEANING are you coming back to the kitchen to eat dinner. Who says that? Nobody. Nobody talks like that!

It is a predictable story, but it does have some suspense to it that was nice. Some of this suspense is killed half way through the book because the plot starts to feel super repetitive. It’s just kind of the same thing over and over and we don’t really see the characters make any sort of head way. Not only was that frustrating, but it also made a good concept feel a little bit tedious to finish. It doesn’t help that none of these characters are likeable, so when the plot started to drag, you have an extra hard time caring what happens to them.

I was bummed out with this one.


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