Review: Crypt: A Horror Short Story by Darcy Coates

In 1965, a young child went missing while he and his brother explored a disused cemetery. When his body was found floating in the river three days later, his older brother insisted the death wasn’t an accident. That something dark and deadly lived in the cemetery’s crypt. That it would kill again.

More than fifty years later, Sara finds herself facing the gate to the abandoned graveyard, with the story of the dead child ringing in her ears. She’s there with one specific purpose: to uncover the decades-old secrets of the crypt.

Crypt: A Horror Short Story by Darcy Coates. Kindle edition is published by Candlebreak, May 2018. 26 pages.

This was a very, very quick but entertaining little vampire story! Short, quick and we get to the point right away. I had a lot of fun reading this, and I’m not even a huge fan of vampires. It was nice to see Darcy do something different then ghosts and haunted houses (not that those things are ever bad).

My only SMALL complaint is that it was too short! 😮 I wanted to know so much more about this old town! It would have made an excellent full length novel. I was very entertained and it had a great ending. Very surprising. Maybe one day she’ll revisit this town. That would be awesome! 😀

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