Review: Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare

Quinn Maybrook just wants to make it until graduation. She might not make it to morning.

Quinn and her father moved to tiny, boring Kettle Springs to find a fresh start. But ever since the Baypen Corn Syrup Factory shut down, Kettle Springs has cracked in half. On one side are the adults, who are desperate to make Kettle Springs great again, and on the other are the kids, who want to have fun, make prank videos, and get out of Kettle Springs as quick as they can.

Kettle Springs is caught in a battle between old and new, tradition and progress. It’s a fight that looks like it will destroy the town. Until Frendo, the Baypen mascot, a creepy clown in a pork-pie hat, goes homicidal and decides that the only way for Kettle Springs to grow back is to cull the rotten crop of kids who live there now.

Clown in a Cornfield by Adam Cesare. Narrated by Jesse Vilinsky. Audiobook published by Harper Teen Audio, August 2020. Running time is 8 hours and 44 mins.

YEAH! Killer clowns… who doesn’t want to see some of that? And that cover? GORGEOUS!

My first thoughts were WOAH… is this really YA? Yeah, it’s teen characters, but man is it a brutal novel. It’s basically Children of the Corn but in reverse. Absolute blood bath of a plot. Lots and lots gore. So if that’s not your thing, here is your warning… There are some extremely fun kill scenes.

The author absolutely nails the teen vibe. I love that there is LGBT+ in the story but it wasn’t shoe horned into a romantic angle. I had never read this author before, but I would love to check out more from him. This was a very fun adventure into a very freaky little town.

Narrator did a very nice job. I felt like they really pinned down a teenagers attitude through emoting with their voice. Also did a great job with gender and age.


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