Review: Into a Canyon Deep by James Lindholm

Not all secrets are buried deep… enough.

Returning from a research dive off the coast of picturesque Carmel-by-the-Sea, marine biologist Chris Black is attacked viciously. No stranger to physical altercations, Chris is able to defend himself and hold one of his assailants captive. He learns that the goon has been sent to intimidate him: Stop diving or else…

Not one to respond well to threats, Chris and his childhood friends Mac Johnson, a former Navy SEAL, and Jase Hamilton, investigator with the Monterey County Sheriff, dive a little deeper. What is it that Chris and his graduate students might have seen on the ocean floor? Is it related to the body that washed up on shore? And how does whatever might be buried under the sea connect to the rich and famous who fund Chris Black’s research projects?

From deep underwater canyons to the streets of bucolic Carmel-by-the Sea and nearby Monterey, far more than relationships turn toxic. But this time, Chris Black strikes back.

Into a Canyon Deep by James Lindholm. Book # 1 in the Chris Black series. Audiobook was narrated by Tom Taylorson. Published by CamCat Publishing, August 2020. Run time is 7 hours and 1 min. * I was given a copy of this audiobook by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. *

This was a decent adventure novel. Plenty of action and an interesting premise. I always love a good toxic waste dumping story. While I do like the premise, I never felt fully hooked in on the mystery. I’m not 100% sure why? It might have been a little bit too predictable in some spots and that kept me from really being on the edge of my seat?

The characters are easy to like. I like that they are the good guys but clearly aren’t afraid of going over the law if they feel it’s justified. You don’t always see that in a good guy team. Normally the good guy has to defined him/ herself, not willingly seek revenge and death. So that was a nice change of events. I do wish that we saw a little bit more of their job. They are marine biologists and scientist, but we really didn’t get to hear a lot about what they do when they aren’t out busting heads.

The narrator did a fine job. Sometimes it was a little bit hard to tell who was talking, especially if it was a woman, but Tom grew on me as the story went on. I think he did a great job at nailing the personalities of the characters.


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