Review: Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child

A breathtaking discovery at the top of the world . . .
A terrifying collision between modern science and Native American legend . . .
An electrifying new thriller from New York Times bestselling author Lincoln Child.

Two hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle lies Alaska’s Federal Wildlife Zone, one of the most remote and inhospitable places on Earth. But for paleoecologist Evan Marshall and a small group of fellow scientists, an expedition to the Zone represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to study the effects of global warming.

Everything about the expedition changes, however, with an astonishing find. On a routine exploration of a glacial ice cave, the group discovers an enormous ancient animal, encased in solid ice. The media conglomerate sponsoring their research immediately intervenes and arranges the ultimate spectacle; the creature will be cut from the ice, thawed, and revealed live on television. Despite dire warnings from the local Native American village, and the scientific concerns of Marshall and his team, the docudrama plows ahead . . . until the scientists make one more horrifying discovery. The beast is no regular specimen; it may be an ancient killing machine. And they may be premature in believing it dead.

Terminal Freeze by Lincoln Child. Narrated by Scott Brick. Book #2 in the Jeremy Logan series. Unabridged edition was 10 1/2 hours. Book is 320 pages. Published by Random House Audio 2009.

I’ll keep this a pretty short review.

Terminal Freeze was a very entertaining premise. I love the whole isolated location with an expedition of a handful of people and shit goes sideways. Even better when it’s some sort of creature feature story!

However, it felt a little unsatisfactory with the lack of clear answers with what the creature was….? Old frozen creature? Mutant? Alien? *shrug* It felt like it was left way too ambiguous. I need clear answers, dammit! đŸ˜€

Apparently this is book 2 in the Jeremy Logan series…? He does have a bigger role in this book then in book 1, Deep Storm, but he still wasn’t in the full staring role. He acts a little different then he does in his own series, which wasn’t bad, just odd.

Narration was again done by Scott Brick. Not a huge fan. Everyone always sounds the same and it is always just too laid back.

Overall it was a decent creature book. The action was pretty intense in the final showdown. I just wish things were a little bit clearer.


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