Review: Before the Fall by Charlie Dalton

Some questions are best unanswered.

You know the man, now discover the legend.
Just how did the apocalypse begin?
How did Dr. Beck come to be at the center of it all?
Find out in… Before the Fall.

They fell from a clear blue sky. Beautiful meteorites tore through the atmosphere and landed in cities far and wide. The United States. China. Russia. Each glowed an enchanting shade of green. The event became known as the August Shower and would one day answer the most ancient question of all…

Are we alone in the universe?

Before the Fall by Charlie Dalton. After the Fall book # 4, possibly the final book in the series…? 151 pages. Kindle edition published October 4, 2019.

The After the Fall series has taken place after some mysterious event nearly wiped all of humanity off the face of the planet. Even though this is the last book in the series (as of now), it shows us the very beginning of the end. I wasn’t too sure how I would like a prequel at the end of the series. I knew the author would make it epic AF, so I wasn’t too worried. Plus, I WAS pretty curious as to how everything went down in the first place.

Just like with the rest of this series, Before the Fall turned out to be a really fun ride. This starts out even before the governments get all involved. We start off with the meteorites falling to Earth, and the people who come in contact with them. This series has always been about the average people trying to live during this really messed up event, and this book is no different in that underlining theme.

Part of this novel shows us first hand PoV with the people around the world who first start getting sick. There is a lot of hopping around from different major countries. I thought that was really cool, because it’s something we don’t always get to see in a post apocalyptic / zombie story. Normally the story just starts with one person, or maybe a small group, being introduced to a world that has already fallen. I thought it was interesting getting to see it happen to the whole world and the very, VERY first contact.

The other part of the story tells us about a young Dr. Beck. Throughout the series, the older version of Dr. Beck gives us vague details about a lost love and past regrets. Before the Fall finally gives us some explanations to what he kept thinking back to. It didn’t seem as horrible as Dr. Beck eluded to, but I would imagine that over the 20 year gap, these things ate at him.

This book moved very fast. Fast pace and felt like an extremely quick read. Sometimes it felt like things moved a little bit too quick, maybe? Some details – especially with Dr. Beck- felt a little glossed over. It wouldn’t have hurt to flesh some of these actions out a little bit more instead of rushing through the story.

Before the fall was very entertaining though. It turned out to be another great addition to a very unique zombie series. It was great getting to see a little bit of insight in to how everything crashed and burned.


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