Review: The Covenant by Charlie Dalton

After failing to destroy the aliens, the survivors attempt to send a message to a powerful life-preserving Covenant, something the Bugs would do anything to prevent.
Hidden behind the dark side of the moon lies the human Mothership. It has been built piece-meal by the remaining Cities across the Earth. It is our chance to fight back.

Something about our arrival triggers the Bug ship to send a probe to investigate. We destroy it and prepare to attack the Bug ship. It’s a long, drawn-out battle—one we almost lose.

But it isn’t over. Not by a long shot.

Amongst the battle’s detritus, we discover fragments of the Bugs’ computer system and learn a terrible secret. The Bugs are part of a Covenant: an alliance of powerful alien races concerned with the preservation of life throughout the universe.

And the Bugs have been breaking their rules.

Can we get a message to the Covenant, warning them what is happening to our planet before it’s too late?

The Covenant is the third book in the brand-new series, After The Fall. Get your copy now and be the first to discover a thrilling new post-apocalyptic world. Discover what happens After The Fall.

The Covenant by Charlie Dalton. Book 3 in the After the Fall series. Published September 2019. Kindle edition, 259 pages. I was given an ARC (advanced reader copy) of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

From the plot blurb above, I had assumed the story would be a follow up of the teens at the end of book 2, who head off to face the bad guys. I was half right. I was pleasantly surprised that the book actually starts off with a little bit of back tracking. Instead of starting with the kids, we start off with what happens to the 2 adult characters, the father and Dr. Beck, right after the young heroes head off to Denver. I was really happy about this! At the end of book 2, I was so curious about the adult’s fate, and I figured we’d chalk them up as being killed by the Rages. It was great getting to see how they fit in with the final fight.

There was a HUGE twist with the dad! 😮 Pretty interesting when the twist first happens, but it wasn’t until the final chapter of the book that we truly understand the full scope of what it means. *Hint- Read this author’s short story, Bug Out, right after if you haven’t already read it* My jaw literally hit the freaking floor when I connected the dots in my brain! I don’t even have the words to explain properly how epic this was, ok? I was just like ” Woah! Did he just….. Is this where….?? Dude……. that’s messed up. o.O ” Very clever twist, Charlie… very clever.

The Covenant is a pretty entertaining story. Sometimes it felt like a little too much was going on though. You had the dad’s story with Dr. Beck, then you had the story with the main cast in space. I loved both sides of the fight, but with it all being in one novel, sometimes it felt a little bit too crammed full of stuff and because of that, parts of the story went by so fast. With the quick, stuffed pacing, sometimes it felt like there wasn’t as much detail going into each tidbit of the plot. It wasn’t a huge problem though because this was still a very fun story and a great addition to the series.


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