Review: The City by Charlie Dalton

The survivors learn a secret about the Rage virus that threatens the future of the entire human race.

The City is real. A world none of us have ever seen before. A world filled with hope. A world from before the Fall.

But it has fallen far from what it once was. Now, only one man lives there. Dr. Beck was the lead research scientist working on a project that could save the world. He tells us the truth about the Rage virus.

A secret that changes everything.

After the Rages attack and we are once again forced from a place of safety, we go on a journey to another City, this one armed with a weapon that could restore the world to the way it once was.

We press the button. The ground shakes. The walls tremble. We turn to leave but the doors slam shut. It isn’t a weapon. It’s a trap.

The City is the second book in the brand-new series, After The Fall. Get your copy now and be the first to discover a thrilling new post-apocalyptic world. Discover what happens After The Fall.

The City by Charlie Dalton. Book 2 in the After the Fall series. Kindle edition, published July 2019, 242 pages. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

After finishing book 1, The Commune, last month, I was really looking forward to getting my hands on the 2nd book in the series. I have enjoyed everything Charlie Dalton has written so far and the WTF ending to the first book had me hooked, waiting to see where the author would lead our group of survivors now.

The City picks up right after the first book ends. The small group of survivors enter the hidden city and a lot of down time ensues. Right away we learn more about life before and after The Fall, the bugs, and the Rages. This isn’t your typical zombie apocalypse. I really enjoyed this part of the story, even if it feels a little bit slow (compared to all the fighting and running in book 1). But don’t get too relaxed because soon everything goes to hell again, and the survivors are off on their journey. This book had a more subtle type of action, where it was mostly a lot of traveling and briefly meeting other communes. A quiet before the storm arriving in book 3.

There was one, small irksome thing that I kept running across while reading this book. There were a lot of UK terms, phrases, and mannerisms for a story that is supposed to be taking place in the United States mid-west. I tried to ignore it the best I could, but it was just so distracting! Otherwise, a very entertaining story.

I enjoyed reading The City. I’m very curious about what will happen in the 3rd (and final?) book of the series.

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