Review: Roll Credits by Sea Caummisar

‘Easy Money’ has returned, for another season of a live pain reality game show. 

Damon is mad at his assistant producer, Mary. He has plans for revenge. Also, he is still trying to figure out who is behind the dark web torture show. 

Meanwhile, Damon’s home life is very demanding, due to a crying newborn baby. 

Roll Credits by Sea Caummisar. Book # 4 in the Deadly Reality Tv series. Published May 2019, 123 pages. The author gave me this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

I knew at the end of book 3, that the next book was going to be the final book (or will it?) of the Deadly Reality Tv series. With the way Hurt Bank ended, I had a feeling were in for a pretty crazy ride. Roll Credits did not disappoint.

I’m pretty sure book 4 was the bloodiest of the series. There were some injuries when it was pretty icky. D: In a good way, of course. The Tv show was much more extreme. It was pretty fun to see what kind of insane stuff they had to do to win some “easy money”!

With each book in the series, we saw growth in Damon. Sometimes, not for the best. But with the last two books, we began to see a little bit more of positive growth for him. Roll Credits continued in that direction for Damon as he really wrestled between his feelings of being a good father and husband and his darker inner demon. In fact, Damon… in a weird sort of why… kind of redeems himself a little bit in this book. I mean… he’s still a bad guy, yeah, but he does find some sort of redemption, in his own twisted way. As odd as it feels to say this, I’m actually going to miss reading about Damon. Yeah, he is not a very nice guy on many levels, but he was a fun character to get to know.

In Roll Credits, when finally get to learn who is the one behind the dark web show that had been black mailing Damon. It felt a little too obvious who was behind it. It’s not like we really had a lot of characters to pick from on who it could have been. When you have such a small cast of characters, it is just way too easy to guess at who the bad guy is. Also, when Damon finds out who it is, the whole confrontation is just over way too fast! Damon just instantly kills the black mailer. No hidden plans for revenge, no drawn out torture. I don’t know. It just felt like all this anticipation had been building for a few books about the dark web side plot, and then to have it over so fast was a little bit anti-climatic.

Over all, this was an entertaining quick read. All the loose ends were tied up. For the most part, aside from the dark web climax, it was a pretty satisfying ending. The author left it very open at the end, just in case Damon ever returns. Sad to see the series end, but I totally understand that the author wants to work on some other projects now. Who knows, maybe one day we will see Damon again. 🙂


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