Review: Bug Out by Charlie Dalton

An elite military unit are sent to a remote human colony to investigate a communication blackout.

Rigel 4 was the setting for our victory over the Bugs. We claimed the territory and installed a colony. We haven’t heard from them in over a month. Something was wrong.

Setting down, we search the colony. No shots had been fired. Children’s toys lay scattered. Clothes hang on washing lines. Meals sit half-finished on desks piled high with papers.

The colonists had vanished without a trace.

Then we hear something, something none of have heard since the Ultimate Victory.


The sound of Bugs. They’re back.

Bug Out by Charlie Dalton. Published by Amazon Digital Services, May 15, 2019. Ereader only, 67 pages. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This was such an epic story, I was sad that it was only a novella. Bug Out was an extremely quick read and was over way too soon. Entirely fun from start to finish.

We start off with a group of soldiers going to a human colony outpost on the planet Rigel 4. The colony has disappeared and it is up to the soldiers to figure out what happened. In between the chapters about the soldiers searching for the colony, you get chapters between two unnamed people having a private conversation that happened sometime in the past, towards the start of the war with the aliens. Through this past conversation, you learn more about the war and about the aliens themselves, and how it connects to what is going on with the soldiers looking for the lost colony.

This was a really clever little sci-fi horror story. At first you’re like, “Oh, ok. War with alien bugs… seen it before.” but NOOOOO… this is not your average alien bug story, my friend. There was a delightful little twist at the end that I did not see coming. I mean, my jaw dropped! I was like, ” *GASP* NO WAY!! WHAA-?? :O ” It was pretty great. My mind…. was blown. Loved the aliens. Really interesting and creative. This would make a very fun movie. Get on it, Hollywood!

Charlie Dalton is the new pen name by English horror writer Perrin Briar. Perrin is probably best known for some of his different zombie series, such as the Blood Memory series (very fun zombie series, by the way). According to the author, he wanted to use this new pen name for his more sci-fi-ish novels. If this is the type of sci-fi story we are going to be getting from him, sign me up for more!

Bug Out was a lot of fun. Wish it had been longer. I was sad to see it end, but what an ending! 😮 I can’t wait to see what else gets put out under the Charlie Dalton name.

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