Review: Easy Money by Sea Caummisar

What would you do to earn ‘Easy Money’?
There’s a new reality TV game show that pays contestants to hurt themselves. How much pain would you endure to make some quick cash? Would you shoot yourself with a nail gun for $10,000? There are plenty of contestants willing to go on live TV to make a quick buck. Would you watch the show? The ratings are looking good. ‘Easy Money’ becomes the most talked about show on television.
Follow Damon Dahmer, the executive producer, as he creates such a bizarre television show. Damon is not only making good television, he is also struggling with his own inner needs to watch people in pain. Slowly, Damon pushes boundaries to find what is acceptable and what is not. Throw in his own revenge vendetta, and Damon’s personal pain show viewings, and you get the first book in the series of ‘Deadly Reality TV’.
Is the real horror what people are doing to themselves? Or is it the man that Damon reveals himself to be? Maybe it’s just scary that people are actually watching the show.
Viewer (reading) discretion is advised. Not for the faint of heart. Recommended for 18+ due to some violent content. Warning: There are some bloody scenes.

Easy Money by Sea Caummisar. Deadly Reality Tv series, book 1. Published March 2019 by Amazon Digital Services. Kindle edition, 116 pages. The author gifted book 1 and 2 in order to beta read book 3. Possible triggers: self inflicted mutilation.

This was a very fun little novella. Super quick read. A “real life” type of horror story, spatterpunk lite. The concept of the reality tv game show like Easy Money seems very plausible and sounds like something we would see on tv any day now. Tv is always pushing that boundary of what can be shown and the bar is constantly being raised. Things are always getting more violent, or bloody. More, More, More. Easy Money is just the right place to go for more blood and gore. Every challenge the contestants have to do is crazier then the last. What would you be willing to do to yourself for 50,000 dollars? The price gets higher and higher. People are always desperate and or greedy. Everyone wants money. Would you shoot yourself with a gun for money? Would you walk on broken glass? Put your hand in boiling water? Beyond the game show, Easy Money turned out have a twisted little revenge plot to it. This was an interesting book and was very entertaining. The ending sets the stage for the next book.

At the heart of this story is the main character Damon Dahmer, the executive producer who created the show. Damon is one twisted individual. As the show gets more and more dangerous, so does Damon. He wants to push his own personal boundary just as far as he wants to push his tv show. While the show might actually draw the line at some point and put an end to the extreme nature of the show, Damon does not seem willing to ever stop his own personal graphic displays of the extreme. How far will he go? Is there any hope left for Damon or is he past the point of saving? I don’t know… I think Damon might be a few fries short of a Happy Meal, and he might never come back from the dark places his mind travels to.

The writing was a little stiff in some spots. It wasn’t terrible. It just felt not as polished in some spots.

Dark and twisted, Easy money was a quick, fun read. Has some graphic, gory injuries that might make you flinch a little. This is for the gore fans out there. It was an interesting concept for a tv show and it made for a very entertaining novella. I look forward to seeing how the story progresses in the next book.

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