Uh Oh, December is Here! What Should I Read?

December is right around the corner now and it will be here before we know it!  After a slow September and October for me, November seems to have flown right by.  😮

December is always the time when I try to cram in the last few books of the year, or try to complete any of the reading challenges / goals I might be behind in.   There always seems to be a few last min books I want to read before January appears.  December always feels like a deadline looming.

Since I have gotten better and faster at reading, and consistently hitting my Goodreads # challenge,  this year I started incorporating other types of reading challenges to do.  I found the reading list challenges. There is a set number of themes and you try to find books that fit in to those themes.  The themes vary greatly, from “A book with a red spine”  to “A book with a time of day in the title”.  They are basically like mini scavenger hunts, but with books!  Some can be pretty easy and maybe you already have a book perfect for that theme.  Some though, are kind of hard to find the right fit and it can take a while to search out a good title.  Naturally I try to shoehorn in as many horror titles as I can to fit the themes.  Trying to find a horror title to fit normally ends up giving me something to research and really diversifying my horror titles.  Well, it diversifies my non-horror title picks as well, which, I guess is the main point of this sort of challenge.  To broaden your horizons and break you out of your niche.  There are definitely some things on the list that I really drag my feet on getting around to, especially if it has to do with some sort of romance.

One of the reading list challenges I have been working on has 40 different themes to tackle in one year.  Some of them have been pretty hard to figure out what I wanted to read.  Now I’m almost to December and I have 3 themes left.  One of them, “A Nordic noir”, I’ve already got a book for.  But the other 2….  I’m having trouble with.  Maybe someone who reads this post can help me find some titles I can pick.

  • A book with a female author who uses a male pseudonym
  • A book mentioned in another book

Any suggestions?  I would prefer horror titles, but if not a horror title, just at least something not sappy or romantic.  Any help would be great though. 😀 


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