Review: Bunnicula Strikes Again! by James Howe

Finished out October with the entire Bunnicula series.  Due to being busy at the end of October, I’m posting my last few reviews at the start of November.


It’s happening again. The Monroes’s kitchen is littered with the remains of vegetables, drained of all color. To Chester, it’s obvious: Bunnicula, the vampire rabbit, is up to his old tricks.But Harold is more frightened for Bunnicula than of him. The poor bunny doesn’t look too good. Is he sick? Or just unhappy? Or has Chester finally gone too far in his attempt to make the world safe for veggies?

One thing’s for sure: Harold isn’t going to let anything bad happen to his long-eared pal — even if it means leaving the comfort of his home, losing his best friend, and risking his own life. And if he fails — could this be the end of Bunnicula?

Don’t miss any of the adventures of Harold, Chester, Howie, and the vampire bunny, Bunnicula!

Bunnicula Strikes Again! by James Howe.  Book # 6 in the Bunnicula series.  Illustrated by Alan Daniel.  Originally published in 1999, my edition is the Aladdin June 2001 edition.

Finally back to a book in the series about Bunnicula!! But OMG, another depressing story by Mr. Howe!!  Chester is once again trying to KILL Bunnicula by starving him.  As if that isn’t bad enough, Bunnicula gets super depressed about family and almost dies.  There is one chapter where Bunnicula is just laying there crying over something depressing and it’s just like GEEZ… As if the stuff with Bunnicula isn’t depressing enough, you have this side story about the old movie theater (the one Bunnicula was found at years ago), is scheduled to be torn down and the family tries to save it because they love it but it still gets torn down.  It became this depressing metaphor about love and loss and how nothing is forever.  Crap.  That is flipping depressing, Mr. Howe!  I wanted a fun little adventure about a vampire rabbit and you are making me think about stuff I don’t want to think about. D:  This book was so sad, I was wary about reading the next book in the series!


Once again the book is illustrated by Alan Daniel.  This work is really good, but for some reason all the pictures are way too dark.  In the last book, they were too light, now we have the opposite problem.  Everything is extremely dark and blends together.  I don’t know if that was an issue with the way he colored the work or if it was a photocopier issue with the publisher or what?  But, yeah… very dark artwork with a lot of the details just blending in.  Sadface.


This book was sad.  I don’t like to be sad.  I have enough sad thoughts running around in my head as it is.  When I read, I don’t want to be reminded of sad things.  Yes, this book had a very sweet ending, that is true, but I don’t like having to go through a minefield of sad in order to get to the happy ending! Seriously wasn’t even sure if I was going to read the last book of the series….



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