Non-Fiction November

My newest non-fiction TBR stack!

As I’ve said numerous times in the past, I read a LOT of horror.  And If you look at my blog posts, you will notice I also read mysteries from time to time.  Well I also read some non-fiction stuffs.  Mostly the topics on non-fiction can fall in to 3 categories- animals,  history and science.   Normally I will sprinkle the non-fiction books through out the year.  I don’t normally like to read them back to back to back because non-fiction takes me longer because I like to really mull over the info dumps I’m getting from the topics I’m reading.

I don’t like sappy animal books.  I am much more interested in the evolution of animals and the domestication of species, as well as animal behavior studies.  For science, I love reading about the brain, psychology, genes, evolution and space topics.  Now for history, I am not that wild about anything too modern.  I am much more in to ancient history, like the study of old bones, fossils, early human life, early or lost civilizations, that sort of thing.  Occasionally I will read a modern history topic, but it has to be something that REALLY interests me, normally in the vein of medical, true crime, or pulp related subjects.

Well, in 2018, I haven’t read anything non-fiction since January when I read Black Dahlia, Red Rose: The Crime, Corruption, and Cover-Up of America’s Greatest Unsolved Murder (which was an excellent book by the way).  I normally read more in a year but for some reason I just haven’t gotten around to reading as much non-fiction.  Oh, I’ve been BUYING plenty of non-fiction this year (see above picture)… I just haven’t read it yet…

I am declaring next month is Non-fiction November! I have been stacking my newest non-fiction up on my shelf and I have been waiting to dive on in.  I don’t think I will be able to read all of them in November, but I’m going to try and read as much of them as I can.  I’m not sure which one I want to start with, either!  Hmm… too many choices!  I’m normally a lot slower at reading non-fiction, but I can’t wait to try and tackle this TBR pile.  😀 I hope I can at least get a few of them read before December rolls around.  I also will have to squeeze in my book club books, but I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult.

5 thoughts on “Non-Fiction November

  1. I read some non-fiction. I need to share more reviews. Good luck this month. My month will be a Cozy November theme. I need a break from all of the horror this month. LOL

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