Review: The Trench By Steve Alten


Four years have passed since Jonas Taylor captured the baby megalodon, Angel and faced off against her mother after she caused death and destruction at every depth.  It isn’t long before Angel is grown up and wanting out of the giant beach tank she is in.  While Jonas is trying to stop Angel from escaping,  Terry is traveling to the depths of the Marianas Trench to find out what happened to a crushed sub. 

The Trench ( Meg # 2) by Steve Alten.  Published in July 1999 by Kensington.   I first read and reviewed this in July 2016.

Oh.  Boy.

Ok, so, part 2 of the Meg series…. was not my favorite.  The Trench had a great premise, but just moved much slower then the first book.  Don’t get me wrong, it was still fun, but it just didn’t exactly hook you like Meg did.

My biggest problem with it was the two main characters, Jonas and Terry.   They both kept falling for this skeezy company guy who was SO CLEARLY manipulating them.  I just couldn’t understand how 2 supposedly very smart people kept falling for the same trick.   It just made me want to beat my head against the wall and scream at the book.

The best thing about The Trench is we get our first taste of  other sea creatures that might be lurking down there in the deep depths of the oceans.  I wish we had had more of that in this book!  Too many stupid people and not enough sea creatures!

The Trench had an entertaining idea but just ended up being so frustrating watching the characters act so stupid.   Important to read if you are doing the whole Meg series, but just keep in mind that it will be aggravating and slow going.


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