You Do or You Don’t. You Will or You Won’t.

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So… I have a problem.

The GoodReads Summer Reading Challenge has a challenge for the month of July called Sand Between My Toes: read a book that takes place on the beach / ocean. For this challenge, I picked out the horror book There’s Something Alive on the Titanic by Robert Serling.  It has this great premise- in 1975 an expedition went to discover the location of the Titanic, and steal the millions of gold in her hold, only to never be heard from again.  In 1995 a second expedition sets out to the same location in order to find out what could have happened to that first group.  Is it sea creatures? Ghosts? Killer mermaids? Zombies? I don’t know what is there but it had my curiosity peaked and I was dying to find out what exactly was alive on the Titanic?

Not even 100 pages in, and the plot is moving at a snails pace.  Actually, that’s not true. Snails probably move faster.  And it’s crazy because, how can a lot of stuff go on in a story but the story turns out so boring??  I don’t understand that.

I like seeing how long it takes me to read a book, so I always time my reading.  Normally I read about 40-50 pages an hour.  Not super fast, but not terribly slow either.   Right now I’m on 88 pages and the time says it’s been 2 hours plus. AGH!

So my problem is this…. It is already July 23.  Counting today, I have 9 days until the end of July and the stopping point of the summer reading challenge for July because I have to immediately start on the August challenges.  So do I stick it out with this horribly boring book that I’m curious about? It’s so frustrating, but I am curious.  I normally finish a book in just a few days, but this one is so freaking slow that I’m not sure if 9 days will be enough, even though it’s only 300 something pages.  Do I just drop it for now and come back to it at a later date when I don’t have a deadline to get things read?  I love sea creatures and I have a ton of other books both on a shelf and on the kindle that can apply to this beach / ocean challenge.  This book is just so AGGGGGH!!

Whatever I decide, I need to do it STAT.

What do you do when you are reading a book that has a great idea for a story but turns out boring AF? Do you stick it out or do you just call it quits?


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