Review: Forsaken (Unit 51 #2) by Michael McBride


At a research station in Antarctica, scientists discovered a strange and ancient organism.
They thought they could study it, classify it, control it. They couldn’t.
Six months ago, a secret paramilitary team called Unit 51 was sent to the station.
They thought the creature was dead, the nightmare was over. It wasn’t.
In a Mexican temple, archeologists uncover the remains of a half-human hybrid. They believe
it is related to the creature in Antarctica, a dark thing of legend that is still alive—and still evolving. They believe it needs a new host to feed, to mutate, to multiply. They’re right. And they’re next. And the human race might just be headed for extinction  . . .

Forsaken (Unit 51 # 2) by Michael McBride.  Published by Pinnacle on April 24, 2018, with 426 pages.

Forsaken opens up 6 months after the main cast of Subhuman gets rescued by Unit 51 at the end of the first book, Subhuman.  Evans, Jade, Anya, Roche, and Kelly are all trying to pick up their life and pretend like the deadly events in Antarctica never happened.  Only, they can’t.   Each one of them saw too much that they can’t explain and are desperate for answers.  Anyone whose curiosity gets the better of them can relate to that.  Book number 2 actually has two different, yet connected stories going on at the same time.  Jade, Evans and Anya are in Mexico searching a hidden underground maze when they are attacked by a secret organization that will do whatever they need to in order to get the item at the center of the maze.  Roche and Kelly end up going back to unit 51’s base in Antarctica to try and find out what a maze crop circle in the UK has to do with a message the creature left them at that base.  Both groups run in to a lot of problems, to put it lightly.

The first 13 or so chapters were a little bit slow because there was a lot of character build up, just like in the first book.  Each character is off by themselves, doing their own thing before joining up in to the 2 separate stories.  After that, things begin to speed up and it feels like there is never any down time.  Tension and fear is high as the characters race to figure out what is going on and how to survive.   The last 30% of the book kicks it in to uber overdrive and you are running at full pace all the way to the very last chapters.

I think I liked book 2 a little bit better then book 1.  I really enjoyed having two different (but connected!) stories rolling at the same time.   More things are revealed about the creatures, as well as more questions.   I love how Mr. McBride ties in all these ancient cultures and pantheons in to this out of this world series.  Don’t worry, there will be a book 3.  There was plenty of set up for where Unit 51 is going next.   I won’t spoil that for you! But I will say, it looks like it is going to be epic! 😀

As always, if there is animal deaths or cruelty in a book, I will mention it.   I like knowing before hand if a book I’m thinking of reading has any animal death in it, and  I appreciate when other reviewers will give that warning in advance so I can be more prepared, or if I want to decide to skip that book.  I always try to put that warning out there in my review for others who might feel the same way.  This book had a little bit of animal death.  Two separate spots that were only a few paragraphs long.  Easy to skip over, so it isn’t too bad.  Like I said, just a little warning.

I really liked this book and I can’t wait to see what goes on in the next one.  We need answers, Michael! 😮 Highly entertaining, and well researched.   I would recommend this book to fans of ancient aliens, conspiracies, and ancient cultures.  And of course, horror fans! It is a great creature feature story!

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