Horror Author Brian Keene

The talented horror author Brian Keene was injured last month in a fire accident.  You might know Brian from his popular zombie series, The Rising.  Mr. Keene is a very talented and kind man, doing a lot in the horror community.  He is currently uninsured and has a lengthy amount of medical bills to pay on his road to recovery.

Many in the horror community are uniting to buy his books, and those of his wife, Mary SanGiovanni, in order to help get him some quick money in his time of need.  He also has a GoFundMe page if you want to just donate directly to him in order to help.  He is so close to his goal.  It is amazing at the amount of people who have come together so quickly in order to help him!

Now, on to the books!


Pressure by Brian Keene

Off the coast of tropical Mauritius, an ecological catastrophe with global implications is occurring. The ocean’s floor is collapsing at a rapid rate. World-champion free diver and marine biologist Carrie Anderson joins a scientific expedition determined to discover the cause-and how to stop it. But what they uncover is even more horrific. Deep beneath the surface, something is awake. Something hungry. Something…cold. Now, the pressure builds as Carrie and her colleagues must contend with the murderous operatives of a corrupt corporation, an unnatural disaster that grows bigger by the day, and a monstrous predator that may spell the extinction of all mankind.

Pressure is this summer’s hot new thriller from bestselling author and World Horror Grandmaster Award winner Brian Keene.

What a perfect summer time book to read! 😀 This sounds right up my alley! I’ve been looking forward to reading this one for a while and I’m happy to finally add it to my collection.


Dead Sea by Brian Keene

The streets of the city are no longer safe. They are filled with zombies – the living dead, rotting predators driven only by a need to kill and eat. For Lamar Reed and a handful of others, their safe haven is an old ship out at sea. But it will soon become a deathtrap, and they’ll learn that isolation can also mean no escape.

Another great looking title for summer time! This looks like it would be part of The Rising series by Brian, but it is not. This is a stand alone. It might be the same universe, but not part of the series, not totally sure.


Earthworm Gods (Aka The Conqueror Worms) – The Earthworm Gods #1

One day the rain just didn’t stop. As the flood waters slowly rose and coastal cities and towns disappeared, some people believed it was the end of the world. Maybe they were right. But the water wasn’t the worst part. Even more terrifying was what the soaking rains drove up from beneath the earth — unimaginable creatures, writhing, burrowing … and devouring all in their path. What hope does an already-devastated mankind have against … THE CONQUEROR WORMS?

Ooo YEAH! This Is what I’m talking about! Giant Worms? Who doesn’t want some of that?! This is another one I have been just dying to read!


A Gathering of Crows ( Levi Stoltzfus #3 ) by Brian Keene, narrated by Chet Williamson.

Brinkley Springs is a quiet little town. Some say the town is dying. They don’t know how right they are. Five mysterious figures are about to pay a visit to Brinkley Springs. They have existed for centuries, emerging from the shadows only to destroy. To kill. To feed. They bring terror and carnage, and leave blood and death in their wake. The only person that can prevent their rampage is ex-Amish magus (and fan favorite character) Levi Stoltzfus. As the night wears on, Brinkley Springs will be quiet no longer. Screams will break the silence. But when the sun rises again, will there be anyone left alive to hear?

Normally I would not pick out a book 3 without having read book 1 or 2, but this title won the Horror Aficionado’s group audio listen for the month of July, so I went ahead and got the audible version.


Chills by Mary SanGiovanni

It begins with a freak snowstorm in May. Hit hardest is the rural town of Colby, Connecticut. Schools and businesses are closed, powerlines are down, and police detective Jack Glazier has found a body in the snow. It appears to be the victim of a bizarre ritual murder. It won’t be the last. As the snow piles up, so do the sacrifices. Cut off from the rest of the world, Glazier teams up with an occult crime specialist to uncover a secret society hiding in their midst.

The gods they worship are unthinkable. The powers they summon are unstoppable. And the things they will do to the good people of Colby are utterly, horribly unspeakable…

This is Brian’s wife.  I had never read anything by her before so this will be a fun one to check out.

You can check out Brian Keene’s website to keep up to date on all kinds of things.  He has some fun projects he works on that are worth checking out.  Also be sure to check out Mary SanGiovanni’s website for up to date info on all her projects that she is a part of.   They both have some pretty fun horror podcasts!



3 thoughts on “Horror Author Brian Keene

  1. I’m currently listening to the Audible version of A Gathering of Crows. At the moment I’m not quite sure if I like it, but it won’t put me off trying Keene’s other works. Maybe I’ll try The Rising series in the future.

  2. I’m currently listening to that audio as well. Are you a member of Horror Aficionados on Goodreads? I’m having a hard time getting in to it as well. I definitely connect more with his zombie or creature feature stories then this one. It’s not terrible, but I agree with you, I’m not quite sure what I think of it yet.

  3. I am a member of HA! I try to take part in their group reads whenever I can.
    I think if I were to read another of Keene’s books, it’d be the ones you mentioned – zombie and creature feature. I’ve heard a lot of people say they preferred those.

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